Blogging Adventures

The Sydney Writers Centre is currently holding a competition for Australia’s best blogs.  You can either enter yourself or nominate a blog you really enjoy.  I’ve nominated someone already and will be nominating another.

What does this have to do with my little blog and its 1 entry so far?  Not much.  I could hardly be entered as blogger of the year when I forget to blog most of the time.  Forget or choose not to because I’m feeling lazy and can’t think of any thing to write.  Either one.

But the competition has made me think about blogging a bit more.  Not because I have a desperate need to tell the world about me and my life (trust me we’re not that interesting).  No, it’s more to do with self expression, making myself write on a regular basis, use those brain paths that have nothing to do with work. 

It’s also, if we are going to be brutally honest, an opportunity to talk about things that I find interesting, that perhaps those in my life might not be interested in.  I know it’s suprising but even your beloved isn’t usually interested in every single thing you might want to talk about.  So to spare those we love we can blog and say what we like.  After all, dear reader,  you can choose not to continue.  You may have already done so which is entirely your choice of course.  However if you’ve stuck around this long I’m sorry to disappoint.  There’s no big revelation here.

This is my blog, where I get to say what I like, boring or not.  Hopefully it wont be too boring.

What about you dear reader?  what blogs do you enjoy?  who are your must watch bloggers?

Some of mine include:

My lovely bestie’s blog.

For the foodie in your life:

For writers, Neil Gaiman is always a big favourite:

There are a host of others including Joe Mallozzi, various writers such as Rachel Vincent, Charlaine Harris, Richelle Mead (I like to read writers who blog, have you noticed?).  However, I’m always interested in finding new and interesting ones.

As I use my iPad (not iPad 2 – dont go there) for most of my reading activities (unless I’m reading work info or you know, actual books), I was excited to recently find Blogshelf.  It’s a blog reader similar to the iBook app.  You can subscribe to blogs and they sit on your “shelf” waiting to be read.

I think this is a great idea, although I’ve had some mixed success, it’s hard to tell if the blogs are updating and some of the searches find individual entries but dont always manage to get you subscribed to the whole blog, some blogs I can’t find at all.  Now however, there’s a link to Google Reader which allows you to find the blogs you’ve selected there.  Awesome.

So find your favourite blogs, read them, vote for them here:



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