Cruise Control

I’ve spoken before about things changing. And changing they are. Not all necessarily of my control and not all to my liking, but that’s life isn’t it?

One of the epiphanies I’ve had of late is that I am wandering down the highway on Cruise Control. I am letting things happen, I’m watching the scenery go by but I’m not so much partaking. Well not entirely. I do stop at the rest stop from time to time and see what’s going on but the reality is that I haven’t been really engaged for a while.

That is changing slowly. This year finally I’ve started to do some things I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I took up Salsa dancing – which I love. I’d been doing tap and I quite enjoyed it but Salsa is my dance. At least it will when I finally learn to stop trying to lead – it’s the control freak in me. i think i just dont trust my partner is going to look after me. Well that says a lot doesn’t it.

I’ve also started to participate more in the Writing community. Attending writing class, going to signings, talks and I’ve even been invited to two launches which was quite exciting. Even more excitingly is that I’ve met actual authors! Some of the authors I’ve met recently include:

* Annie Proulx
* Sir Terry Pratchett
* Tara Moss
* Andrew O’Hagan
* Linda Jaivin
* Margo Lanagan
* Cassandra Golds

I was also fortunate to be invited to the launches of Embrace by Jessica Shirvington – who had been in one of my classes is turns out (her was quite a start studded affair as she is married to Matt Shirvington the Australian Olympian). As well as Paris Dreaming by Anita Heiss, which was a more literary affair (even though the book is classed as Chick Lit). It was very exciting to be a part of and even more fun when you know the authors!

Of course both authors I had never met in person, I had met both online. Which is completely fascinating. The reality is that the world of the Interwebz (as we LOLers like to call it) is an amazing resource for connecting people. I’ve formed other online friendships with people like Valerie Khoo who runs the Sydney Writers Centre (and constantly amazes me with the people she manages to interview – though now I’ve seen her in action I’m even more amazed), Judith Ridge who is a force among Children’s Fiction in Australia particularly in her work getting kids both reading and writing. Without the internet I would never have met any of these people.

I’ve also connected with international authors like Rachel Vincent, Melissa Marr, Molly Harper and the (hopefully very soon) to be published Rinda Elliott. My all-time favourite audiobook narrator Lorelei King chats to me on twitter quite often – which is seriously exciting! Most of the authors I’ve mentioned in this paragraph are YA authors embracing all the social networking techniques they can to be in touch with their audience. It’s very exciting.

Which brings me back in a great big circle to my original point about cruise control. There are so many ways to embrace life and I really am starting to do so now but I feel that I while I am reaching out, I’m not challenging myself the way I used to.
I need some challenge in my life. Personally and Professionally.

So my first challenge is to come up with some good, achieveable challenges for myself. I’ll keep you posted.


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