Kid’s Presents

This time of the year is a big one for my family. For some reason all 5 lots of wedding anniversaries (and actually the in-laws ones as well) all seem to fall within an 8 week period. My family, it seems, enjoy getting married in the cold.

We are all big present givers and we dont like to be restricted, we specialise in random, unexpected presents – my favourite kind! However, anniversary season seems to bring out the crazy in us all. I’m not going to give things away but people get things they NEVER thought they would.

Of course, this blog post is not actually about the presents for the grown ups. This is about presents for the kids. There haven’t been kids in our family for many many years. We grew up and everyone took their sweet time to find spouses and then start producing offspring. Now they have the hang of it and there are three new additions to the family tree.

This means present buying for kids, which is FUN! and challenging! Kids tastes change so quickly. They grow so fast. They are also not living in the world you and I grew up in. One of my attempts to find a present for my 3yo niece resulted in a lovely little Dora the Explorer laptop. It was cool. She loves Dora. It was bright and had keys and could be her very own laptop just like Dads or Aunty Shaggy’s. Except when I got it home and thought about it and then discussed it with her father, we agreed that the small, old fashioned ASCII screen would not hold her interest. Why? This child has grown up with iphones and ipads. She and I play games on my ipad together. We have web cam discussions. She has already asked her father for her own computer in her room. (I didn’t get my own computer until I’d been working for like 10 years). This is a whole new ball game.

Having said that, there are heaps of things we had that they still love. We have a train set that my younger siblings had and it is still at my mothers’s and the new offspring love it. What it does mean is that there is a greater challenge to find something truly cool. As the cool Aunty, I feel a great responsibility to make sure they get things they’ll love (even if at the time they are distracted by other toys they get – or even each others’ toys).

I sought counsel from the wise world of Twitter. The first suggestion I got was to get her a St Bernard. “Think of her little face” he said. Yeah, I was more picturing my brother’s face when I gave the bundle of love to my delighted niece knowing it would grow up to be larger than their tiny yard. My Twitter pals’ second suggestion was a Drum Kit. Fun for me but again I don’t think it would make me very popular.

I’ve found this dilemma interesting. My nephew and the baby were both quite easy to buy for but for some reason the 3yo has been a challenge. But then again, aren’t all 3 year olds?


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