Harry Potter and the death of birds

My friend G and I have been doing a marathon of Harry Potter movies in preparation for going to see the final movie tonight.

As far as adaptations are concerned the movies are pretty good. Like any adaptation it just isn’t possible to put everything in a movie so a lot of subplots and other elements are lost. As long as the core of the story is told it’s a good job. Like all franchises, some movies are better than others but on the whole I have enjoyed them.

There have been a few curious things, the terrible hair by all the young cast in one movie and their subsequent much improved appearance as an example. Why Lee Jordan, the twins best friend suddenly turned up as a girl? Why did the twins not leave a swamp behind them in their spectacular exit from Hogwarts? Overall I found Fawkes to be a disappointment, he could have been much more spectacular and realistic I thought.

However, one thing that really stood out to me was that someone in the HP franchise clearly doesn’t like birds. In several of the movies there have been scenes of birds merrily chirruping along only to be blatted out in a splotch of feathers.

Honestly, it happens in like 3 different movies and once I’d noticed it I couldnt believe how many of them were killed off. Of course for me the most poignant one was the death of Hedwig. As in the books, Harry’s most faithful friend was killed off – dying to protect him no less – with little fanfare and no real farewell.

I was quite irritated by this. Dobby, the extremely ugly elf who spent most of one movie trying to do HP harm had a big death, with a burial, tears and a big moment. Hedwig, who had been Harry’s ONLY companion during those longs days with the Dursleys, who had never let him down was gone with barely a note and not a tear. Had she meant so little? I’d like to know? Maybe one day I’ll ask JK. I wonder if she’ll tell me?

Poor Hedwig. Poor little birds. R.I.P.


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