Things I saw while out walking….

On the weekend my friend G came to visit. We had a lovely brunch. Well that’s not completely true. The location was lovely, the company was pleasant but the food and the service – not so much. It was disappointing.

Afterwards G suggested we take a “constitutional stroll”. Given that we were then going to embark on a HP movie marathon before going to see the final one, this seemed like a very fine idea. So we wandered around the bottom part of my suburb.

I love a good adventure walk, going to see what there is to see (also why I love caching – I’ll do a separate post on that soon). Sometimes though, we get so busy we forget the loveliness that often lurking right near our doors. Here are some of the things we saw right around the corner:

Local park

The Old BP refinery:

The Harbour:

Someone’s artwork:

We also saw a three-legged dog but I didn’t take a picture, it seemed kind of rude.

What have you seen out and about in your neighbourhood?


One thought on “Things I saw while out walking….

  1. It was a real shame about brunch wasn’t it? But, the walk was so lovely (we should do more exploring I think. Perhaps I should get some Dora tips from Gracie?) and your photos are FAB!!

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