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The Challenge

Nearly a week ago I set myself the challenge of blogging everyday for a month. “Shouldn’t be too hard” I thought. I came up with some blog ideas, set up a space for writing and away I went.

Today I hit the “challenge” portion of my challenge. Writing is easier when it’s part of your routine, it’s all set up and you can just start typing the words. Eventually though you run out of viable ideas or at least ideas that don’t need considerable effort put into them. You have work issues that stress you out, family illness that is of concern. You travel away. You only have a chance late at night on your bed in your brothers lounge room on an iPad (makes for slow typing).

Do you talk about the funny things your 3yo niece said to you (“I knew you were coming, 3yo children just know these things”) Or how she made you feel better by giving you a hundred kisses.

Do you talk about getting stuck in traffic and the fact that the cat wailed the entire 3.5 hour trip?

Or about how any of your little concerns are nothing compared to the stress and danger being experienced by so many Londoners?

In the end it doesn’t matter. I started this blog and this challenge to get myself to write regularly. Not because i thought the world needed a other blog or that people would hanging out waiting to see what I have to say on a number of varied and strange topics. It was to help discipline me to write regularly. Today’s post won’t be a go to piece or even one I’d look back on and think “yeah, that was quite good”.

I will however look back and be proud that I made the effort. That this is one step forward towards writing I can be proud of. I’ve stuck to my 30 day challenge. I will see it through.

Afterall, writers need to get words on the page. So here I am. Getting words on the page. Writing.


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