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Things I’ve eaten – Kopi Tam, Manuka

Food is important to me. Actually I dont think I’ve ever met anyone for whom it wasn’t. But there is something truly satisfying about enjoying a great meal especially with good company. So it should be no suprise that there are likely to be many posts covering food I’ve had or places I’ve eaten. Future posts will cover many of my foodie adventures in my recent (sort of) excursion to Hong Kong.

This post is about today’s meal. I met up with a couple of new colleagues (that I had spoken to but not met before) and my friend B with whom I have worked on and off for about 8 years. Ours is an old friendship. All of us happened to be in Canberra so a meal was the logical thing.

We went to a little Malaysian/Thai place in Manuka called Abell’s “Kopi Tam” which apparently means coffee shop. It’s a little place I’ve been past many times but had never eaten in. It’s usually packed when I go past and tonight I discovered for good reason.

The food is fabulous.

The waiter was friendly and helpful. By the time I arrived a few minutes late the group had ordered entrees which consisted of a chilli whitebait, wontons and curry puffs. All were delightful. The whitebait had a nice bite to them. The wontons full of flavour and the curry puffs were puffy and tasty. In fact I was so engrosed in eating it that I forgot to take a photo of it.

On to the mains. We had Ling fish, beef curry and tasty tasty chicken. Again I was so engrossed that I forgot to get their correct names, so instead here are some photos, as you can see I only remembered to take photos after we were well into it:

Bottom line? I’ll definitely be back!


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