Secret Girls Business

Today was an unusually girly day for me. Which is not to say that I dont do girly things but I rarely do them all at once. However, like most girls (yes I know I should be saying “women”, girlhood was a long time ago for me) when there is a big event coming up, I like to make sure I look my best.

The big event is a ball – which I’ve never been to before. There will be more details on this blog in the next couple of days.

Today’s activities included dress fitting, during which time the seamstress told me I looked beautiful in my dress (I felt the need to mention it, it’s nice to get compliments from random strangers). Truth be told I’m pretty happy with the dress. It’s one of my favourite colours – cobalt blue – and as I’ve lost a little more weight, it’s fitting really well and I feel great in it. These are good things.

Then I met up with my sister, who poor thing, is so under the weather we were all concerned she wouldn’t make it to the ball which would have been really upsetting as it was all her doing in the first place. Still, she’s a trouper and has managed to pull herself together enough. I do admire her fortitude.

Anyway, we went and had our nails done together. Manicures and pedicures. Personally I prefer to have them done with someone else because quite frankly it’s a pretty boring exercise. Happily we have nice nails (despite me managing to ruin one before I’d even left the shop – which isn’t even an unusual thing).

Tomorrow is hair and makeup. Then Shaggy WILL go to the ball.


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