A post of technical difficulties

I’m proud that I have blogged every day as part of my challenge like I planned and that I’m continuing to do so. Today was a difficult one again. I’ve been busy, seem to have picked up my nieces pharangitis and trying to come up with witty, compelling words seems a bit too hard.

Again though I’m reminded that this is what writers do. Every single day. Find the words, write them down. So I am glad that I’ve made the effort even though this is hardly goign to be my most compelling post ever. If I was writing fiction, I could look a the words I write the next day, wipe them out and start again. You can’t really do that with blog posts of course.

It’s been a good week/weekend though. I’ve spent a lot of time with the family. I went to a ball – and had a ball. (there’ll be a full post on that when I get a chance to do it properly). The kids have been hilarious as usual – even with being sick. There’s been dancing, shenanigans, cuddles, cats, coughing and other fun things.

I was going to include some pictures but we’re experiencing some technical difficulties. There’ll be a better post tomorrow, I promise.


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