The plight of loneliness

Today I took Miss Three to the park to play. We had a great old time swinging and running, sliding and climbing. It was a lovely day and we had a lovely time.

However, while we were there a young Mum sat talking to her mother on the phone. She was not trying to have a private conversation. It was out there for everyone to hear. She talked about that she could easily leave her husband/partner if she wanted to (but didnt), that he’s never been bad to her but that she is lonely and depressed. The conversation made me sad.

I wondered how many other women were out there with partners and children but still suffering from loneliness. Who feel isolated. Who have no one to talk to.

It does make me think of my Mum. When they moved to Canberra they had a young child and not that long afterward they had me. Two kids. No family around to help. Eventually they had 4. That’s a lot of work on your own. They belonged to a babysitting club (I can’t even imagine that now) but it’s not the same as having a network around you to help.

My siblings are in a better position as they can help out each other. I help out too when I am in town. (I’ve spent the last two days minding my niece – it’s really quite exhausting, though who can resist this?

So this post is for all the women out there. Married. Single. Mothers. Sans children. For those who feel alone. For those who reach out to the lonely. Connection is important. Let’s make sure we listen and support each other.


5 thoughts on “The plight of loneliness

  1. Beautiful post. As a single girl who prefers a solitary evening in the company of her cat to an evening out with friends I find it interesting that I feel less alone now than I did when I was less antisocial. But I do still feel lonely from time to time and your post really resonated with me for that reason 🙂

  2. Very touching post, Shaggygirl. You have a much more enlightened view than I did before I had my own children. In fact attitudes like yours make me feel ashamed of the selfish way I behaved when I was single. You are an inspiration.

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