Some blogs I like

Today I am sick, I’ve been travelling and need to be in bed. So instead of trying to be witty and interesting, here are a few blogs that I like. Perhaps you will too. Enjoy!

My friend Gen’s blog. One of the most fun, witty blogs around.

I love a good list. So here’s a blog of lists! What’s not to love?

Neil Gaiman. Need I say more?

Stepcase Lifehack. A bunch of blogs in one and I always find something interesting to read or learn

Kandee the make-up artist. Found her on YouTube and have learnt some cool tricks.

A recent find. She’s quite witty and I have enjoyed several posts even though we aren’t in the same life situations – sign of a good blogger to me.

These are just a few that I read regularly. So what are your favourite blogs to follow?


2 thoughts on “Some blogs I like

  1. thanks for the shout out shaggy – you are so lovely! i enjoyed that lists blog…hours of fun for the whole family there, good find!
    other than yours, i have a few blogs that i check out regularly….here is a mini sample:

    and of course my favourite masterchef….

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