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With encouragement from…..

Today’s blog post was inspired by a comment and blog post of Becsmog. You can find her blog here:


Becsmog tweeted me a really nice encouraging note about going on with my blog and how I’ve stuck with it. It’s really nice to have people encourage you along. (My friend Gen has also been very encouraging with her comments).

One of the points that Bec made in her latest post (and by the way Bec, I SO relate to what you are going through right now) was about the encouragemnt you get when you really want to quit. The context was writing but I think it applies generally. It’s interesting that encouragement when you need it comes from sometimes unusual sources.

A future blog post will cover some of the excellent sources of writing help and info I’ve found through social media and on the internet but I wanted to give one particular shoutout to. That is the Sydney Writer’s Centre run by Valerie Koo and her great team.

I’ve done a number of courses with them and through social media have kept in touch with Valerie and her course co-ordinator Danielle. These are fabulous women and I’ve appreciated the encouragement they have given not only to me but other students and writers. I believe that act of encouraging others, brings good things back to you. So I hope good things are coming back around to Valerie and the team.

If you are an aspiring writer, I definitely recommend checking them out. The instructors are excellent. The courses cover what you need to know and they are realistic about what to expect.

I recommend checking out their blog: http://www.writingbar.com/

As Joey said to Ross: “grab a spoon”. Have a go. There’s plenty of encouragement out there.


One thought on “With encouragement from…..

  1. excellent advice shaggy! plus, there’s nothing i love more than an awesome ‘friends’ reference. unless its an awesome cougar town reference.
    anyway i think you’re absolutely kicking ass with this blogging every day thing…as much as i love writing, there’s no way that i have the commitment to write a post every day – not to mention the distinct lack of anything interesting to say. so i have utmost respect for the fact that you’re managing to post every day and make it not boring….keep it up, cos i love reading your blog!

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