Things I love about Friends

I’ve been watching Friends again from the start (I blame my brother). So instead of my Willy Wonka post (which is still in progress), here are some of my favourite things about Friends:

* The friendships. Who wouldn’t be envious of these people. I want them to be my friends too.

* The girls changing hairstyles. And David Schwimmers unchanging one.

* Janice. Oh Janice…. (oh. my. god).

* The hugging. even the boys hug all the time! When was the last time you hugged your friends?

* The ongoing parade of stars who have been on the show. I’ve just finished season 2 and already stars like George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Jonathon Silverman, Noah Wiley, Helen Hunt and Giovanni Rabisi have been on. And there’s still 8 seasons to go!

* Tom Selleck. Enough said.

* The writing, the comic timing, the chemistry of the cast. Let’s face it, they got lucky. Everything came together so well and it wasn’t long before the writing and the actors meshed so well that you’d forget it wasn’t actually a reality show (except perhaps Matthew Perry, I suspect Chandler is him to a large degree).

* Elliot Gould. Hilarious every time he’s on.

* Smelly Cat. Dang song is stuck in my head now.

* Tom Selleck. So hot he’s worth a second mention.

What are you favourite things about Friends?


4 thoughts on “Things I love about Friends

  1. It’s one of my all time favourites. They were the people I wanted to be in my late 20s to mid 30s when I was single.

  2. “Friends” is one of those shows that I never get tired of watching. In fact, I quote it all the time! I agree with everything you like about the series — especially the dynamics between the friends & the guest stars. Plus, the show started when I was in college. So, I think I must be nostalgic for my much-less glamorous youth! 😉

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