Some random things about me

Here’s a few things you may not know about me:

* My nickname is Shaggy. It was given to me by a family friend and has stuck. Even my niece and nephew call me Shaggy
* I don’t like coffee – in any form
* I can tap dance (badly and much to my family’s amusement)
* I like Salsa dancing (though I’m not great at it either)
* I love rain
* I geocache
* I have two nieces and one nephew. They all look like their fathers
* I’ve been told I’m the world greatest Aunty. Miss Three might have been biased.
* My fabourite colour is red.
* I love the night
* I own too many books
* I really need to buy a new car
* I have a beautiful black cat named Boston (Bossie)
* I have too much furniture
* I love to travel but dont get to as much as I’d like
* My hair is usually some variation of red
* I own too many shoes
* I buy way too many notebooks. I own a pile of them.


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