Lifeline’s Willy Wonka Ball

Willy Wonka

Regular readers will note that last weekend I got myself all dressed up and went to a ball. It was the 40th Anniversary of Lifeline Canberra and they were going big with a Willy Wonka themed ball.

Rach & Brad

For some reason my entire family seems to have decided that mid-Winter is the best time to get married and so all their anniversaries are within a two month period. Each year we all go out for a nice dinner together (as well as each couple doing whatever it is that they decide to do). This year my brilliant sister came up with the idea that the anniversary dinner be at the ball. Great plan!

So suitably glammed up off we went. I’d hired a car for my brother, his wife and myself so we didn’t have to worry about a cab later. It works out roughly the same and the cars are very nice. I also organised one for my parents. They couldn’t stop grinning when they got there.

Glen & Nai


Everyone looked fantastic. My family scrubs up very well. I was particularly impressed with my sister and her husband. She, in particular, had been so ill she hadn’t been able to get out of bed all week and we weren’t sure they would be able to make it. We were relieved that she did. She looked lovely. I think she struggled a bit and was completely exhausted by night end but we were glad she’d been able to get there.

Drinks were served in the foyer of the hotel Realm. As the entrance way got pretty full the lights dimmed, a spot light hit and there was Willy Wonka himself singing “Pure Imagination”. (at this point we felt a bit bad Miss Three couldn’t be there to meet Willy Wonka himself as she is quite obsessed). Mr Wonka sang us up the stairs, a very cute troup of Oompa Loompas welcoming us into the ballroom.

From here the evening was pretty much as expected. Willy Wonka was compare. Funny, a bit naughty, sensational voice. He sang a bit of opera without music at one point, amazing. The Oompa Loompas put on a lovely little performance.

Oompa Loompas

There were speeches by the various dignitries including my sister’s boss, the head of Lifeline. There was a very moving speech by Philippa Seldon who had lost a brother to suicide. Kate DeAruago sang a very personal song (both brothers and their wives were excited to later meet her, I hadn’t even known who she was as I dont watch Australian Idol).

Linz and Ames with Kate DeAruago

For me one of the highlights was Jelly Bean Jam, the band that had been hired. They were fantastic. They had the dance floor filled all night – always the sign of a great band for me. They played mainly 80’s dance music which I have long thought was the best type of music to dance to. It seemed everyone agreed with me. My parents were first on the dance floor and we had to drag my Dad off it later in the night. I’m sure he would have dance all night if we’d let him. (and even more annoyingly they were all perky and feeling great the next day, I was sore all over!).

For me the food was a bit hit and miss. I’m not a huge fan of antipasto as I usually only like some of it, which was the case here. The mains were fabulous. I had lamb shanks which were really delicious. The chicken was also wonderful (I had a taste of it). I’m not entirely sure what the dessert was. The long white piece is chocolate. I wasn’t especially impressed but my mother loved it.


The other big highlights were the candy bar where you could go and get your fill of sweets.

And the photo booth. That was heaps of fun 🙂


2 thoughts on “Lifeline’s Willy Wonka Ball

  1. You guys looked absolutely amazing – you all scrub up very well indeed! And how fab that Jelly Bean Jam played, they are so much fun! I can remember seeing them many years ago in Bondi Junction when they used to do the pub circuit – they deffo know how to get everyone up on the dancefloor and keep them there….I can just see your old man now, busting a move to all of that 80’s goodness.

    • Thanks! yes they are pretty fab really, i really enjoyed them. My parents are really hilarious. At one point they were singing in their seats, my Mum waving her napkin over her head.

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