The Lady of Glencoe

So earlier this year my brother told me that they had a present for me. In our usual style he let me make ask questions and gave me clues.

Glencoe Crest

I tried – Animal, Mineral or Vegetable. Didn’t help. Neither did any of the other thousand questions I asked. My final clue was provided by Miss Three. When I turned up at their house she handed me a dragon. Now I’m even MORE confused. Then she bobbed in a three year old version of a curtsey.

What was this present with all the lead up you ask? Well it turns out they bought me a plot of land. In Scotland.

I have to confess I was really stoked. I’d always wanted to own land overseas. Who wouldn’t?

Glencoe Tartan

Even better the land entitles me. Literally. I am now able to be known as Lady Sharon of Glencoe. (They thought Lady Shaggy was a bit much – hee hee hee). I can even go and visit my little plot, which I’d love to do at some stage. Have a look around, maybe put a cache on it. Awesome.

You get a deed. You get a coat of arms. There’s even a tartan!

So the big question would be – should I legally change my title? Will I get hotel and flight upgrades? Will people be extra nice to me? Will anyone care?

What do you think dear reader?


16 thoughts on “The Lady of Glencoe

  1. Are you aware of the history of Glencoe? Or that Glencoe isn’t actually the clan name, but the name of a region in Scotland? To my knowledge, the McDonalds have owned the land around Glencoe for centuries; so you’d become a defacto McDonald.

    • That’s interesting. Does that mean the tartan is actually a McDonald tartan? I wonder if that means i’d be related to Ronald (just kidding). I’m hoping to go and see the region at some point, it looks quite beautiful.

  2. I would, I’m going to at least – I won’t be Lady of Glencoe oh no that would be my mother’s ( because that title belong to anyone who purchases a plot) I will be Lady of Blackwood very soon though !! How exciting 🙂 Congrats Lady Sharon ^.^

    • Oooh! I wonder if they are near each other… I’m planning a trip to Scotland next year. It would be awesome to go and see the land but it’ll depend on how hard it is to get there. Do you plan to use the Lady title permanently?

  3. If u get this…. I too am Lady Danielle Simone of Glencoe. 🙂
    I am interested to know whether you went to see ur plot?

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