In a Minute

Here’s an idea I stole from Liz at Tablecoths and Talking, I hope she doesn’t mind me borrowing it. Here’s a snapshot of what’s going on:

Reading – Contest by Matthew Reilly. It’s a recommendation by someone I work with. We’ll see how it goes.

Listening to – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ready by Stephen Fry. I’m a huge audiobook fan and I don’t care how good the american guy is, Harry Potter is ENGLISH and that’s how it should be read. I’m also relating Umbridge to someone in a work situation which is helping to ease a very very annoying situation.

Watching – Friends Season 5. I love Friends. Though it has to be said that Ross might be the most uncomfortable character ever. I find him hard to watch sometimes. So Ross has said Rachel’s name and Monica & Chandler are fooling around. I love the ep where everyone finds out.

Buying – Actually I paid my large electricity bill and paid for my Tassie trip so no buying for a while.

Making – Plans for when G, G&T come to visit. Hurrah!

Planning – a trip to New York next year – double hurrah!!

Loving – the helicopters that buzzed my house today. Ok weird thing to love but it was really cool.

Being – well actually this is more of a feeling thing. Missing Boston who is being boarded tonight 😦 I’m also incredibly frustrated with work but that’s a WHOLE other subject.

So what’s new with you?


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