The one where Heckles dies…. (aka what might have been)

In the second season of Friends Mr Heckles, their crazy downstairs neighbour who constantly complains about their noise, dies. He leaves everything to the girls. By everything that means all the crap in his apartment.

Chandler has somewhat of an identity crisis because he identifies with much of Heckles life. He finds a number of things they had in common and is convinced this is the path of his life. He is doomed to die crazy and alone.

I’ve had a similar experience this week. By which I mean, a glimpse of a life that could have been. It’s an interesting experience. Already I know this will not be my life’s path. For many many reason. There are too many different choices I’ve made that will make the difference – this is the same conclusion Chandler reached (yes I am relating to a TV show, bite me). Still it does rather make one think.

There are two main things I’ve learned from this experience:

* Don’t stop moving. If you stop moving you die . Advice from a 90 something year old. He’s right. If you stop moving physically as you age, you’ll die. I think the same is true for life in general. Learning and growing, moving forward is important.

* I REALLY need to clean out my store room. This is my next goal. By the end of summer (which I realise hasn’t started yet but there’s a LOT of crap in there). I also need to finish my paperless office project.


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