Past Lives

I’ve been spending some time with my Dad, seeing his old stomping grounds and learning some bits and pieces of my family history. It’s pretty interesting – though some of it you wish you didn’t know. We had a couple of ancestors who were right rat bags. Still that’s kind of fun. If everyone behaved themselves there’d be no good stories to tell.

It’s a shame we don’t pass our histories on better to future generations. Though I think now it’ll actually be easier. The future generations will have a lot of information on us including piles of pictures of us growing up, where and how we lived, what we did for fun. It’s all there on Facebook 🙂

Going back a few generations though the information is more scarce and you have to dig for it. Shows like “Who do you Think you Are” show how shocking, rewarding and interesting that process can be. Several of the celebrities got real shocks about things they discovered about their ancestors.

Of course the question then becomes… how much of us is our heritage?

My immediate family is extremely different from the generation that preceeded us. This is due largely, in my opinion, to the fact that my parents wanted things to be different and therefore worked to make it so, but also by the fact that we lived away from the previous generations and were therefore less influenced by them and their way of life.

Of course, you still find traits and tendancies in yourself from those other generations. Sometimes they are not pleasant things to learn. Still, it’s an interesting process and can be a learning curve. You don’t like that particular attribute? Then do something about it or stop moaning.

I’ll be interested to see what else I learn while I’m here.


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