The joy of travelling

I love travelling.

I particularly love flying. I love the window seat. I love taking off. I love being above the clouds.


It’s fun watching the tiny matchbox cars. The dots of white that are sheep. The toy houses that are dotted around the landscape.

This trip I even got to fly in a plane with Powderfinger on the side. C’mon. That’s just fun.
This trip I got to spend some time in Hobart with my Dad. He showed me a bunch of the places he spent time while growing up. Hobart is quite a pretty city. The bridge is very cool and so much of the city has views of the water.


The people are friendly. Though it has to be said, not the snappiest dressed travellers. I saw only one guy in a suit (he did wear it very well though ;))

Sandy Bay

The apartment we stayed at was fantastic. It was a bit tough on my poor Dad’s knees as there were a lot of stairs. It was right behind Salamanca so we spent a lot of time there eating and drinking. Afterall, isn’t that one of the joys of travelling? Sampling the local food and wine?

Let’s not forget the Salamanca Markets. We didn’t get much time there unfortunately but I still managed to pick up some great cup, saucer and plate sets for my mother’s crazy teaset and a t-shirt for my niece. While markets are pretty similar anywhere you go, it’s great to see the local produce and local art.

Salamanca Markets

Local Produce

Local flavour

We also caught up with my cousin who I haven’t seen since my sister’s wedding. It was great to see her. We had dinner at Fish349 in North Hobart which I really recommend. Quite laid back but the food was fabulous. I had the oysters kilpatrick followed by tempura scallops and they were really delicious. It’s not a trip to Tassie without scallops in my opinion.

Oysters Kilpatrick

And as with any trip one of the best things about travelling…. getting home. It’s good to be home. 🙂


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