In a Minute – 31 Aug 2011

I enjoyed doing this post last week so I might make it a regular thing. Here’s a snapshot of what’s going on:

Reading – Contest by Matthew Reilly. Still working on this one. I think I’m enjoying it but not sure.

Listening to – Second Grave on the Left by Darynda Jones. Love her work! Narrated by Lorelei King who is hands down my favourite narrator. I love everything she does!

Watching – Friends Season 7. I’m now watching teh beginning of season 7. Season 6 highlights included Monica and Chandler getting engaged. Richard telling Monica he loves her (sigh Tom Selleck, how could you turn THAT down?). Earlier was the apocathery table ep which I love. There was of the course the guest appearances of Bruce Willis (accompanied by cheers each time he appeared) and Reese Witherspoon. One of my favourite episodes is on right now – “the one with the nap partners”. Monica meets an ex of Chandlers, Phoebe and Rachel compete to be maid of honour and Joey and Ross nap together. Love it! (Oh and Rachel’s clothes are awesome this season).

Buying – Plane tickets for my trip to Cairns and Townsville with my sister and her husband in October. Hurrah!! I’ve not been to either place and we all had a great time the last trip we took. I can’t wait!

Making – Steak and Kidney Pie in my slow cooker. Though the stew turned out more like soup.

Planning – a trip to New York next year – double hurrah!! still true!

Loving – playing the Smurf game. Sad really. Also loving the huge glass of red win I’m consuming to alleviate the stress of my work situation.

Being – really excited that my niece is coming stay in two days! We’re going to have a great time. You’ll get a full report on the fun I’m sure. Oh and my brother and SIL are coming too 😉

So what’s new with you?


9 thoughts on “In a Minute – 31 Aug 2011

  1. “Steak and Kidney Pie in my slow cooker. Though the stew turned out more like soup.”

    Yum. should add some baby potatoes to help soak up the excess liquid and thicken the stew.

  2. I LOVE this idea. So I thought I’d have a go …

    READING: Tell to Win by Peter Guber about the art of storytelling.

    LISTENING TO: Podcasts like “The Social Hour” with Amber Macarthur and Sarah Lane.

    WATCHING: Underbelly: Razor

    BUYING: Too many apps!

    MAKING: New decisions about food. Severely reduced dairy, no fruit, zero carbs.

    PLANNING: World domination.

    LOVING: My beautiful furry babies.

    BEING: At a conference for business women in Byron Bay.

    • It’s fun isn’t it 🙂 which apps have you been buying? I love a good app. I’m thinking I’ll do a post on them soon. Food: be careful about eliminating carbs. Bodies need carbs for fuel and balance. Just the right carbs are important. (and portion size of course).

      Oh and am jealous of the Byron thing. I am living vicariously through your travels. Though we must chat about the US as I’m heading to NY mid next year.

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