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Fun Links I’ve Found

Wow, nearly tripped up on the second last day. I had to make a real effort to sit down and blog today, though just like exercise it’s easier once you start. To celebrate my slackness here ares a few fun links I’ve found recently:


Ken and Barbie’s wedding. – Yes really. Check it out, it’s actually quite fabulous. I love creative people (though too much time on their hands perhaps…?). Photographed by BdG Photography.

Michael Landy: Acts of Kindness – This one I really love. It’s an art project you can contribute to. I love it because:

(a) it’s nice to have an uplifting topic like Acts of Kindness
(b) It’s something I can actually contribute to as I’ll never be put art up anywhere
(c) I can show my nieces and nephew something I helped create – how cool is that??

(PS. Thanks to the Sydney Writers Centre crew for putting me onto this).

The Deadline Dames – this is a group of 9 authors (some of whom I’ve read, some I haven’t). They blog a lot about writing, publishing, new releases and general good bookishness. Presently they are talking about what they all do when they aren’t writing (they have lives outside of writing – who knew??). Anyway, it’s interesting to see the diverse hobbies. I wonder what other hobbies well known authors have (Neil Gaiman keeps bees which is cool). My own (on/off again) hobbies of Salsa dancing and geocaching will be future topics on the blog. I’ll have to think of a really good unusual hobby to take up (though perhaps not beekeeping….)

JJ Abrams Mystery Box – I don’t usually put up links to YouTube but we’ve already established I’m a fan of TED talks. If you are write or are into storytelling in any way, here’s one worth watching (as recommended to me by my brother).

So what fun things have you found on your internet travels?


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