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30 Day Challenge – I made it!

Today is Day 30 of my blogging challenge. You can read about the original challenge here.

It’s been a very interesting journey indeed and like all good journeys it took me to unexpected places. So what are some of the things I learned?

Well, that I write more about my life than I expected. This was a real surprise to me. I thought it would be about news and books and writing but there’s a lot of posts in the “life” category. I didn’t think I’d write about personal stuff so much. Interesting. I’m a pretty private person (opinionated but private) and obviously there’s a lot of personal stuff you just dont really want to put out all over the internet. Sometimes because it’s just nobodies business or it might embarrass either the writer or someone else. Sometimes because frankly it’s just not interesting. Traumatic or great or stressful or crazy busy but just not interesting enough to blog about.

I still have no idea whether what I’ve written about (or will write about) is of interest to others but it was of interest to me so now it’s out there. I’ve had some nice comments so I guess some of it is and that’s really nice.

Publishing on Facebook was pretty scary. These are people who KNOW me and mock me. Not strangers. This is like declaring open season to the stir artists I know, but everyone has been really nice.

Another thing that surprised me was my enjoyment at watching the stats of the blog go up. It’s fun to check them each day and see which posts have been of interest and which weren’t. Sometimes that can be unexpected.

Getting comments is something else I love. Keep it up! I love getting them. Everyone has something interesting to say and i’ve even learned a thing or two (and have had someone famous I admire respond! hurrah!).

However there are a couple of key things that I’ve really learned from this challenge. Firstly, I have a much deeper appreciation for the authors who sit every day or every night at their computer typing away. It’s hard slog to show up every single day and put decent stuff on the page. Quite often you don’t but losing that momentum can be killer.

I have found myself sitting up late at night writing away not only on the post for that day but also on other ideas I’ve had or other posts that seem to just flow quite well. And, my friends, this is exactly what I wanted to have happen. Get that flow going and ride the wave.

It also give me the opportunity to look closely at what I am writing and how. I’m not entirely sure I’ve found my “voice” yet – or maybe I have and I just dont like it. I guess we’ll see over time. I have noticed that I use the word “I” a LOT. Not too surprising when you are writing about yourself but it doesn’t make for good reading so I’m working on that one too (now just watch everyone point out how many times it’s used in this post).

The second key point I learned? I can find time to write. I found at least 30 minutes (often an hour) each day to write a post. Even if I had half written drafts from another day it took time to tidy it up and get it out. I made the time to do it which means I can find the time to write. If I am not writing it’s not because I can’t fit it in.

Will I continue to blog every day? Well perhaps not every single day but I am going to keep on as I have been so that should result in blog posts most days and hopefully more of my other writing.

I really enjoyed this challenge, thanks to you all for coming on this journey with me. I’ll let you know when I’ve decided what my next 30 day challenge will be.



3 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge – I made it!

  1. Yay! Well done you – I think you did a really good job and you’re going to make a really great writer/author. Keep it up, though, cos I look forward to reading more 😉

  2. Yay you Shaggy! I’ve loved reading your daily posts, and I’m so inspired by how you’ve motivated yourself to write every day, even when you don’t feel like it. And, I enjoyed reading about what you’ve learnt during this process as well, I identified with a lot of your revelations, particularly the bits about publishing on Facebook (which is indeed scary) and writing more about your life than you thought you would. I find sometimes that the blog post I end up with hardly resembles the post that I set out to write, and before I hit ‘publish’ I often wonder if it’s interesting to anyone other than me. I think that’s the beauty of putting yourself out there though – it’s a risk to expose your thoughts and feelings to the world, but there’s something cathartic about it as well – it’s like free therapy! Most of all, like you, I love getting comments – they are my favourite things!! Keep up the blogging – I love reading your adventures!

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