A Cheaters Post

While I have things to say, I have neither the time nor the energy to do them justice. They will have to wait. It was a day of real fun. 3yo + fun park = lots of fun. (or a tantrum which luckily we avoided). There will be words and pictures tomorrow.

Also there were acts of kindness (me) and acts less so (others). Then there was the toilet. Oh what a saga. And it ain’t over yet. Bet you can’t wait for this one (uh-huh).


3 thoughts on “A Cheaters Post

  1. You are quite right; when one is in the middle of a fantastic experience the last thing one thinks of is to commit it to paper (or the electronic equivalent). I have just been on the trip of a lifetime; not necessarily just because of what I did, but how I worked the system to a ridiculous extent (for example I flew First Class to Europe and return for under A$3000, and in fact I could now do it cheaper). I assured my friends I would tweet and blog my way throughout, but I did neither. Now that I am back to the mundane I am planning on putting my thoughts down and documenting the experience. At the time however the last thing I wanted to do was to sit down at my laptop and type it all out; I was having too much fun.

    • yep i’m the same when i travel, have great intentions but then get caught up and dont do much. Tho I usually manage to tweet a bit if I have access. I think for future trips I’ll start a note system so I remember the funny/interesting/cool things without having to write them down in full. That way I can go back later and remember what happened.

      I’ve also gotten (where available) a Moleskin notebook for a particular city (Beijing and Hong Kong I’ve used and have Washington lined up for next year – just need to get my hands on a New York one). I used it for the notes (above) as well as recommendations from others, notes on restaurants we went to (such as the address), i paste in pics or snippets plus there is a folder for cards etc. The cool thing is you can build it up over time if you go there a few times. I enjoy going back through and looking at it and because it’s small enough to carry around, I actually used it and there’s not pressure to write pages and pages each day. I also think the maps inside are great – makes you look like less of a tourist because it’s not a touristy book but rather a black journal.

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