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Surfing the Interwebs

In our travels around the interwebs, we find fun, amazing and interesting things. Sometimes we even learn something. Here are some great things that I found this week:

Recently on Neil Gaimain’s blog, he posted the most interesting link. Someone has been bestowing on unsuspecting libraries the most wonderful gifts. Art made from books. The works are amazing in and of themselves but when you add in the element of them being left anonymously and completely unseen, the result is just magical. I think my favourite is the dragon egg though the tea and muffin is also amazing. Please have a look for yourself and let me know what you think. The magic starts here.

On of my Indian workmates recently posted this on Facebook. If you are looking to furnish a small space, this furniture is amazing. Modern and multifunctional. I’m tempted. Sort of. Check it out. If you want more ideas on tiny living spaces, this Hong Kong apartment is also very interesting.

Finally, just because I’m a nerd, just because I like Sci-Fi and just because I love when people are really creative (I’m envious too but that’s a whole different post), here is a link to some amazing pics by a photographer named Avanaut. They are definitely worth a look.

What fun things have you come across lately?


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