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Lost in Translation

I have never been especially good at anything artistic. I can’t paint, I can’t draw, I’ll never be a famous dancer or singer (though I can shake my booty as long as I’m doing my own thing).

For me the biggest issue seems to be the message getting Lost in Translation. Somehow the vision I see in my head is not what ends up on the page. I can see how the lines need to go, I can see where and how the paint should be but I cannot seem to get that message down to my hands. (Lucky I never decided to be a brain surgeon). I have never been able to work out where the disconnect is. I’m not especially clumsy (though I have my moments) and I function quite normally.

More upsettingly I have the same issue with writing. The excellent words that come into my head, that flow and work and sound wonderful (Oh! I must write them down immediately) never quite make it. I see the scene in my head, I can play it out, it looks great and it comes together. It’s brilliant! I’m a genius! Only these are not the words that appear on the page. What is written (or typed) down is roughly what I was trying to convey but it’s as though I am looking at the masterpiece but only allowed to draw a rough sketch. Sadly the original words never seem to make it out. They go in a different direction or just never quite have the same resonance.

Now I’m not really suggesting that I am a genius in waiting, ready for my brilliance to suddenly flood out of me. Of course not. I would, however, like to have the words that I mean to come out rather than a cheap copy of them (hmmm I’m starting to sound schizophrenic aren’t I). Fellow writers, you know what I mean right? If somehow the words could be plucked directly out of your brain how awesome would that be?

I recently Tweeted that exact thought. Could someone please invent such a device so I can get these words out? I had a number of responses – many of whom were people with whom I had never conversed before. It appears that I am not the only one to suffer this affliction. Everyone was keen for the miracle device that could pull the words right out of our brains.

Who knows what the answer is. Perhaps with several years more practice, maybe a few decades, I may actually produce some writing that is what I means to say that does represent what I saw in my head. Either that or someone will invent the machine and I’ll just be brilliant. Yep, I’m sure that’s what’s going to happen.

So this is what I am pondering tonight after a long day when the words are not coming easily. What happens when you have the words but they get Lost in Translation? What do you do? And really, frustrating as it might be, would we really want a device that could pull thoughts right out of minds. Scary indeed. And according to this article – not that far away! Perhaps I’ll stick to the old fashioned way.


One thought on “Lost in Translation

  1. I get like that sometimes too. Only rarely though. I just get lazy sometimes. I have so many ideas i want to explore. Try volunteering your time at a homeless shelter and challenge yourself and you will get a different perspective. To many people write about the same ideas and concepts on wordpress it gets boring. Go for a walk. Do something for the Earth. Impress me 🙂

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