RIP Steve Jobs

I didn’t know Steve Jobs. I did not have the opportunity to meet him. In fact, if he had walked past me on the street I would not have recognised him.

Yet today a man died who had a big impact on my life. On millions of lives around the globe.

I am a technophile. Some would call me nerd. That’s fine. I love technology and I love new gadgets. For me Steve Jobs was the King of Cool Gadgets.

For me he changed my everyday life turning my phone into a direct line to the whole world in the palm of my hand, wherever I went. Others have created the ways in which to interact with the world at large – Google, Twitter, Facebook. But thanks to Steve Jobs I can have these wherever I am. If I see something cool I can take a picture of it and load it up to show my friends and family straight away. I have the support of a whole writing community with just a press of my finger.

One family's tribute. Photo by Maria Giacchino

I’ve read many articles on Steve Jobs today. Not everyone loved him – no one goes through life and certainly has the level of success that he had without some toes being stepped on. To those toes I say thanks because look at the result. Sorry about your toes.

A lot of the articles called him a Visionary. He was and the vision he had for us was fantastic. Imagine that being your legacy. Imagine that is how people remember you. And he will be remembered.

All I can say is Thank You Steve Jobs, because of you I have learned things I never would have and I have connected to people that I would never have spoken to.

For humans connection is key. Steve Jobs gave us a way to connect with each other. Thank you Steve. RIP.


4 thoughts on “RIP Steve Jobs

  1. Beautiful post. Some people don’t understand mourning the passing of someone you don’t know. But I was so saddened by this news. You’ve expressed this beautifully.

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