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Don’t you know what tomorrow brings?

Well for once I do. And it’s not the end of the world (though I guess that depends on your perspective). Tomorrow – or more correctly in about an hour’s time – marks the start of NaNoWrimo or National (though really it should be International) Novel Writing Month, where a bunch of crazy writers attempt to write 50,000 words in 30 days. This year I am one such crazy writer.

And I can’t wait. Sort of. As you’ll have seen from previous posts, I’m not realy very organised for this. I thought I’d get back from holidays and have a day to catch up on everything including some blog posts I need to finish and oh maybe write the rough outline Id use to actually write the story.

Instead Qantas shut down all flights and I ended up on a 15 hour drive from Queensland overnight and basically didn’t sleep for 2 days (more on that in a separate blog post – maybe). So my prep day was destroyed with driving and then sleeping.

Actually though, that’s ok. This is supposed to be a challenge and hard and crazy and fun. I hope I get a bit of it all. I am a little worried about my story running out of steam and not knowing where it’s going. I seem to be better at prattling on about….stuff…. than telling an actual story. This month will challenge all of that which is exactly why I am doing it.

I’ve had lots of support from friends and other writers. One friend (#GoTeamShaggy!) is doing a cut-down version with me as she cannot take the full challenge on ths month and I think that’s great. We’ll cheer each other on. There’s also the whole online community at the NaNo site as well as other social media sites like Facebook and especially Twitter. I suspect Twitter will make it quite a different prospect from the early years it ran.

I’ve also had a few indulgent smiles about yet another crazy thing that I am doing as well as some who think I am nuts/wasting my time/weird etc. That’s all fine too. I’m not doing it for them. I’m not competitive but I do like a challenge so bring it on!

This will mean, of course, that I wont be blogging very much. Not that I’ve been blogging a lot lately anyway. However I do have a few posts I need to finish so I’ll try very hard to get them done and not spending time surfing pictures of Heidi Klum’s latest crazy costume and trying to find out how Marian Keyes is (does anyone know, I hope she’s doing better, depression is a horrible horrible thing).

It’s 11pm now. Officially 1 hour to go before I start tracking my word count each day and basically working and writing. The Kiwis have already started – good luck guys!

Personally, I’ll be marking the official start time in Australia by being asleep in bed. I wonder if that bodes well?

Wish me luck!


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