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Snapshot – 8 November 2011

Blogging has taken a backseat to well pretty much everything else in my busy life right now. I thought it was time for a quick snapshot:

Listening to –
To be honest not very much. I have Big Bang Theory on in the background while I work, “listening” to that. I think it’s my third time through so I dont need to watch so much. I am quite taken with We All Fall Down by Sweet Talk Radio. The song was featured in an episode of Haven and I really like it.

As I write this post I am listening to the wind and rain of the storm that has settled in. Also my new wind chimes.

Reading – Cooking The Books by Kerry Greenwood I haven’t started this yet, it is my reward for “winning” NaNoWriMo so I’d better win! I love Kerry Greenwood, her stuff is quite fabulous. This is her series about the baker with a sexy boyfriend who always finds herself surrounded by intrigue. There is a cast of rich characters in her building both feline and human. Kerry Greenwood weaves such a colourful and vibrant world.

Watching –The Season Finale of Downton Abbey (sob). I miss it already. One of my new favourite shows is Once Upon a Time which has fairytale characters living in the modern world. It’s very cool. I’m quite enjoying Hart of Dixie too – Rachel Bilson is always fun. I hope it lasts as there are some rumours its future is in question. I wish the networks would just invest in a show properly.

Buying –Not buying anything at the moment. After having to buy extra airfares during my holiday and some other upcoming expenses I am trying not to buy things. So no new drive to replace my 1Tb that just failed and no printer/scanner – at least until next pay.

Making – Words on the page. NaNoWriMo is now in full swing and just like thousands across the world I have been frantically putting words on pages. Well I was until today. Today I’ve procrastinated so much that I’ve only managed to do about 50 words. And 416 the day before which is a shame because I was quite ahead a few days ago. Not to fear though, I will catch up again and move ahead. I WILL make the 50,000!!! just you see! My count is currently 12,376. Only 37,624 to go!

Planning –Hopefully more holidays. We got free flights out of Qantas for being caught up in the grounding of the fleet so we are discussing where and when we’ll go. I’m voting for NZ as I’ve never been there but we do have to take a new baby into consideration as I dont think my sister will be able to travel before she gives birth. also planning a future trip to NY and my usual plans over Xmas which usually involve spending some time hanging out with the family and some time hanging out at home both of which I enjoy.

Loving – The storm that just hit. I LOVE rain and I love a good storm. And secretly I’m loving watching the parking inspector, who is determinedly standing there writing a ticket, get quite drenched. Honestly I can’t imagine why anyone would want that job.

Looking Forward to – More holidays!! I haven’t had this many holidays to look foward to in quite some time and I must say I really like it!

So what’s going on in your world at the moment?


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