Weekly Snapshot – 13 November 2011

Loving – NaNoWriMo. Yep, I’m really enjoying it. I know for some people it’s a real slog but I haven’t found it to be the case (though ask me at the end of the month). I got behind, caught up and today I hit halfway. Exactly half way. 25k. Whoo hoo! The thing I have loved the most though is re-discovering my love of writing. Not just bits and pieces but an actual story. I feel it coming together in my head. The joy of coming up with overcoming a plot blockage or getting a great idea to get your character to where they need to be. It’s fantastic. I’m writing this here so I can remind myself later.

Reading/Listening To – Truthfully, nothing. I’ve been too busy writing to read anything other than a few of my favourite blogs. Plus I dont really listen to a lot of music. Apparently I am turning into my mother and prefer quiet. Yes it’s true. Even in the car. I do listen to AudioBooks a lot (which means I am also turning into my Dad). Especially for housework. With music I’m still thinking about the housework. With Audio books, I can listen and forget I’m doing housework. Excuse me – I need to go and find some new music before I officially turn into both of my parents.

Watching – Fringe. Just awesome this year. I love shows that stay consistently good. I also watched Star Trek (2009) the other night as it was on TV. I love that movie. I’m a Star Trek girl and frankly I love anything involving Time Travel. 🙂

Buying – Paddle Pops. Chocolate. Seriously. I am addicted. I am, however, not buying Coke as in Cola, the regular kind. Because (a) apparently they didn’t make my name so there’s no point looking (b) it’s not good for me. 😦

Inspired By – The NaNoWriMo camraderie on Twitter. It’s great. Everyone is encouraging. People share their triumphs and dispare. Behind? Mention it in a tweet and people cheer you on. Today Jane Espenson tweeted me back encouragement. I mean seriously! (If you don’t know Jane is a Writer/Producer on shows like Buffy, Dollhouse, BSG, Gilmore Girls and the new Once Upon a Time – Hollywood Writing Royalty!)

Looking forward To – Holidays at the end of the year. Getting closer. Under 6 weeks. Yay!


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