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About those Vampires…..

If you are wondering about the new “theme” of the blog, it’s partly due to the fact that I like Apple stuff and I enjoyed the carousel part at the top of favourite posts (I need some more to add in there – good incentive for more blogging). I mean it’s just cool right?

The second reason is because the space background is conducive to my NaNo Novel. You know, the 50,000 word “book” I am writing for NaNoWriMo. What? You haven’t heard of it? Really? How often do you come here anyway?

But I digress. The space theme goes well with my novel because it is a SciFi novel. YA SciFi to be more precise (YA being Young Adult). Yes it’s a rollicking adventure about teenagers in space. Except they haven’t made it there yet (more on that later).

No. The book is not about Vampires. Really. You’d be surprised how many people asked me that. Let me say it again. IT IS NOT ABOUT VAMPIRES. There are no Vampires in my book. Unless you count vampire bats. No actually there are none of those either.

There might be robots, I haven’t decided yet. I need to do a whole lot more world building (seriously you have SO Much to decide if you set something in the future and in space – the decision about uniforms or no uniforms could keep me going for days). Oh what was that? I didn’t mention it was set in the future?

Think about it. Unless I want teenagers running around the International Space Station – if running is even possible – then it’s off to the future we go! I need more spacey stuff available than one little space station. I need ships and planets and…. errr nevermind.

There are other reasons my book is set in the future. I won’t go into detail, let’s just say I’m not exactly nice to mankind and leave it at that.

There are other serious themes like loss, depression, anger. Did I mention a rollocking space adventure?

I should probably get on with that, right?


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