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Zooming to the goal

Today I went past 30,000 words. I am so stoked with myself. Firstly because I’ve never written that much before. Secondly because it’s an actual story and Thirdly because I’m way on track to WIN at NaNoWriMo. On my first attempt! How cool is that??

Ok that’s all great but, well there is one small thing. 30k into my space adventure and my characters have not left the planet. Do you see the problem?

To be honest, I already know I’m going throw a lot of this out. The beginning is a classic example of how not to start. However! In going through this process I have worked out where I SHOULD be starting, so it was all worth it.

In this not-even-first-let’s-call-it-zero-draft I can work out all my plot points, I can take the story in any direction I want. If it’s not working? No problem! That’s what re-writes are for.

Unlike (apparently) some people who do NaNoWriMo and then rush out to Query publishers (really? I just think that’s stupid), I look at this as the process of working out “what the hell story am I telling?”

Once you know that you can move ahead and start to produce something decent. However, we are a long long long way from even going near a publisher if in fact we ever are.

I have to be honest. Today was hard. I got quite stuck and the ONLY reason that I wrote at all was because I had 30,000 in my sights. I only got through with help from some Twitter pals. And that’s what it’s like. Sometimes the words just flow and sometimes its like extracting them like teeth – one at a painful time.

But you know what? I’m loving the journey so far!


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