Weekly Snapshot – 20 November 2011


 Loving – NaNoWriMo. Yes still loving it.  I’m chasing 40K this weekend so we’ll see if I pull that off, more likely tomorrow I think.  I think the thing I’m enjoying most is the sense of satisfaction on achieving something.  Also the support I’ve had.  I got stuck the other night and a bunch of NaNo Tweeters came to my rescue.  Just fantastic.

Reading/Listening To – I’ve been listening to Molly Harpers Nice Girl series and How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf.  Ok so technically they are in the romance category (one I’ve never explored, it’s not really my thing) but her particular brand of snark is so much fun that you forget that.  It’s like Janet Evanovich with extra sarcasm.  And werewolves.  (oh and speaking of which, new Janet out very very soon – whoo hooo!!).

I’ve also been reading The Outsider by Melinda Metz and now on to the Wild One.  Partly research.  The rest of it will make sense below.  I have decided I need to read some more SciFi.  You know, for research.  Jack McDevitt has a new book out too so I can’t wait to get my hands on that.

I’m also saving Inheritance by Christopher Paolini.  It was supposed to be my reward for finishing but as I’ll be driving for 3 hours to see the family later this week, I give myself permission to start it then.

Watching – Roswell.  Yes seriously.  I know it’s old now but I quite love it.  I much prefer teen angst to teen bitchfests which is what all the current crop of teen shows seem to be.  Teens with too much money coming up with ridiculous ways to undo each other. 

Having said that, I do enjoy Suburgatory proably because it pokes a bit of fun at that.  Plus it’s sarcastic (sensing a theme here?)

Buying –  Well the no buying hasn’t gone to well.  I need to stick to online grocery shopping because otherwise I end up with other things.  Like cute blue handbags and good from Howards Storage World.  I seriously cannot leave that shop without buying something.  Not good.

Oh and of course I have yet again indulged in my Notepad fetish.  Seriously I have so many of them but I cannot stop buying them.  Here’s the latest crop.  (See one of them has my name on it!!!! how could I resist?)

Inspired By – My sister.  Look at what she made for a kids party yesterday (to which my gorgeous nephew went dressed as a puppy, how cute is that).  I particularly love the half eaten cookies in their mouths.  Apparently when he saw them my 20 month old nephew clapped his hands and said “Cookie Monster!”  Awwwwwww.

Looking forward To – Going shooting.  Yep.  On Wed I am heading off to the shooting range with a couple of friends and we will vent our frustrations by shooting holes in paper.


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