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Weekly Snapshot – 4 December 2011


Loving – iPad games.  Seriously I think I have a problem.  In addition to my several concurrent Smurf games, I am now also playing City Story, Snoopys Fair and We Rule.  The last one being my main addiction for which I blame B. Come on though, I have not one but TWO dragons in it.  How cool is that?

Reading – A Talent for War by Jack McDevittAcutally I’m still working on this because it was a busy week and I didn’t really get any reading time.

Listening To – Inheritance by Christopher Paolini – I just finished this today.  I’ll do  full review but overall it was satisfying even though it has left some things unanswered for me – mainly about one character which I’m hoping will mean there will be a short story or something.

Watching – I am Number Four – The movie isn’t as good as the book (they rarely are) but I’ve enjoyed it all the same.  It’s actually re-watching.  I recommend checking out the book and it’s follow up.  The movie is worth watching for Teresa Palmer kicking ass alone.  Oh and Bernie Kozar.  I love Beagles.  I’ll watch almost anything with a Beagle in it.  One day I’ll have one of my own.

I’ve also watched all three Lord of the Rings movie this weekend kind of by accident.  The accident being that the first two were on TV so I watched and then I had to watch the last one.  It was good to do while I cleaned my room.  The vision of Aragorn and Legolas is enough to distract one from the mindlessness of cleaning.  Yum.

Buying – Tickets to see Jersey Boys on Tuesday night which should be fun.  Also a new cat tree for Boston.  She needs something with a bit of height I think so it’s taken a while to find the right set up along with something that will match my decor – and naturally is out of stock – but I hope she’ll like it.

Planning – Holidays.  Still trying to work out my holiday plans.  I’ll likely decide at the last minute, which is my usual style.

Looking forward to – Seeing what the New Year brings.


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