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Weekly Snapshot – 18 December 2011


Loving – The wind down period that leads to the holidays.  Four more days of work and I am on leave for over 3 weeks.  Whoo hooo!!!

Reading – Down these Strange Streets.  This is an anthology of short stories edited by George R.R. Martin and contains stories by two of my favourite authors Patricia Briggs and Charlaine Harris.  I love short stories and especially that you get them to hold you over between books.  In these the stories are told by different characters than the usual protagonists by the authors which is fun for author and reader alike.

Listening To – The Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare.  It’s the second of the Infernal Devices book.  I find the characters pining for each other a little much sometimes but the not-quite-steampunkness within old London Town to be a really interesting mix.  There are alternate narrators on this book and happily both are really good and well suited to the material.  A must if you are a Clare fan.  I got to meet her earlier this year at the Sydney Writer’s Festival.  She and I chatted about Geocaching and Urban exploration.  Both are very interesting.  She told a fun story about she and Holly Black nearly getting arrested investigating a deserted building (in which she had conned Holly into going). 

Watching – Blade Runner Directors Cut .  This came on Foxtel and as I haven’t watched it in a while I did.  I had forgotten how violent it is.  The deaths of the replicants are all really quite dramatic.  I love the noir of it though and how in this future the world is not all sleek and shiny.  I”m not sure it’ll be that grimy either but it’s a nice change. 

Eureka – I’m going back to the beginning and watching them all. I love Eureka.  Just hearing the theme song puts me in a good mood.  It’s quirky.  Highly improbable things happen.  The dumbest person in town always saves the day.  Yay for us dumb folks.  If you haven’t seen the latest episode (which is the Christmas special) make sure you do.  There’s clay figures, anime and even a tip of the hat to the Simpsons.  It’s fun.  Check it out.  Eureka only has one more season up it’s sleeves so here’s hoping they go out with a big.  A big one.

Oh and I want a house that talks to me like S.A.R.A.H. I might have to settle for a phone that does.  At some stage anyway.

Buying – Washing Machine.  For a while the hot hasn’t worked properly on the washing machine.  I finally checked the pipes and they are fine so I’ve com to the realisation that after about 20 years my machine needs replacing.  I’m looking at Bosch and Miele machines but I’ll wait and see what kind of sales there are.  Oh and I’m going to a front loader for a change, which should give me some more room in my teeny tiny laundry.

In the new year I’ll be car shopping.  That’ll be fun. Not.

Planning – Jobs to do over the summer holidays.  Actually I’ve moved past the planning stage and am now in execution.  This weekend I finally cleaned out my freezer, cleaned the laundry (which I admit was related to the Washing Machine problem) and started on my store room.

Also my goals for the New Year.  I have some things in mind but they aren’t solid yet.  I’m saving them for the first post of 2012.

Looking forward to – Holidays.  Well isn’t everyone?

This entry was brought to you by the family of Kookaburra’s laughing right outside my window.


One thought on “Weekly Snapshot – 18 December 2011

  1. Hi Shaz,

    Re: Washing machines

    I highly recommend a front loader. We have a Bosch, so you’re on the right track. We also have a Miele dishwasher which is great, so either brand should serve you well.


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