Welcome to 2012


So here we are in 2012, a year in which (so Mayan rumour tells us) the world will end.  End of the world rumours aside, I am looking forward to this year.  If it lives up to it’s current promise (according to me not the Mayan calendar) it’ll be a great one.

Naturally at this time of the year we all consider what the year will bring and what we can do to ensure it’s a good one.  January 1st is the day of rash resolutions.  I don’t resolutions any more.  I set goals.  I know that sounds a bit pretentious but I found resolutions just didn’t work for me.

This is some thing I discussed with my friend G during our annual “What are your New Years Resolutions” phone call.  Every year we have a discussion about what we want the new year to bring.  We have this talk whether we are together or apart.  This year we were in different cities, hence a phone call.

G had some excellent resolutions (which I won’t discuss here because resolutions are a personal thing and these are not mine to tell), however because I’d actually given this all some serious thought this year I asked her how to make sure they were things she could measure so she’d have a sense of satisfaction when she achieved them.  I’ve tried to do the same with my own goals and she had some excellent suggestions to make about mine too.  This is why having a resolutions discussion with someone you trust is an excellent thing.

I also tried to select things that touched every area of my life so I could look back on this post next year and feel that I actually made some progress.

So here we go:

No Resolutions, just goals

Work – get my PMP accreditation.  Ok so this was a goal from last year that I didn’t meet but I have set things in place so I think I’ll make it this year.  I also had the goal of changing jobs last year and I finally managed it towards the end of the year so at least I achieved something.  Getting my PMP is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and will help move my career forward so I’m determined to meet this one this year (and yes I know at least one person is rolling their eyes right now).

Health and Fitness – I have two goals in this area:

Make Walking Part of my Everyday Life.  I’ve already started to eat better and I actually lost some weight this year.  I want to continue that this year but for me the big goal is to make sure that I have some kind of exercise in my daily routine.  While I want to do more than just walking, there might be some actual gym time in my future this year, walking is the best form of exercise to carry on into my future and that’s my goal.  Long term.  As a lovely elderly friend said to me recently “if you don’t move you die”, well he actually said “at my age” but I think it’s true for all ages.  So in order to counteract my chair sitting working, writing and TV watching self I plan to try and walk every day. Now I realise that sometimes life does get in the way but I want that to be the exception and make this part of my routine.  Wish me luck because I’m gonna need it.

Have a cup of tea each day.  Some of you will be greatly amused by this goal.  Some of you will be shocked.  I am not a hot drink drinker.  I never have been.  I dont drink tea unless I am sick or I’m being polite (and there’s nothing else).  I dont drink coffee at all.  I have the odd hot chocolate when it’s freezing.  Otherwise I am a cold drink person.  Mainly a soft drink person.  It’s not good and I know that.  So one of the first steps I am taking is to have a cup of tea each morning for the following reasons:

  • It’s good for me
  • I get a dairy dosage (and I need that calcium)
  • That’s a cup of water that I wasn’t drinking before
  • I’m not starting my day with softdrink (and sometimes I won’t be ending it with it either)
  • I have some fabulous china teacups that I haven’t used
  • I have a fantastic red kettle that was also suffering from underuse.

I’ve actually already started this goal and it seems to be fitting well into my routine.  Plus it’s a pleasant way to start the day.

Creative – Write every day.  Write a little something every day.  This was also my goal for 2011 and while I didn’t write very single day, I certainly did write more in 2011 than probably all the previous years combined.  I also won at NaNoWrimo (and I have a certificate to  prove it) which I was extremely proud of.  I plan to also do it again this year.  The thing that I’ll do differently this year is to remember that it doesn’t mean that I have to sit down at my computer everyday.  A couple of paragraphs in my writing notebook qualifies.  As long as I write SOMETHING – again it’s about establishing a routine. (Oh and just so you know, this blog post totally counts).

I’ll also be starting a second blog focussed on cooking for one person.  Eating well, without too much waste, in a delicious but balanced way.  It’s a big challenge.  Cooking for one person is hard.  Not wasting food is harder.  I’m looking forward to it and having friends and family guest blog and share their tips. 

Personal – Have more adventures.  I had some excellent adventures this year both big and small.  This year I’d like even more.  To help facilitate this I will be having a regular blog segment on my adventures as well as undertaking a little challenge that I am totally stealing off one of my twitter peeps.  I’ll do a separate post on this so she gets her due kudos.  I already have a number of things in mind so that’s quite exciting.

Looking Forward

Life is not just about goals however. Here are some of the things I am looking forward to this year:

  • New baby – no not mine!  I will become Aunty for the fourth time this year.  This one will be extra special because I’ll be present for the birth.  Exhilirating and terrifying all at once.
  • Travel, Travel, Travel – I am in the midst of planning a trip to NY  and Washing DC in the second half of the year.  I am beyond excited as I have ALWAYS wanted to go to the US.  We’re coming back via Seoul so that should also be really interesting.  We also have free tickets to anywhere in AU or NZ so are hopefully NZ bound also later in the year (the baby needs to be born first and no one wants to travel with a new born, so we’ll let my sister catch her breath first)
  • Taking my niece to see her first ballet
  • Finishing the first draft of my book.
  • Caching in completely new countries.
  • Finally buying a new car!

It promises to be a big year and I hope it lives up to it (in a good way).  So my fellow travellers, what plans do you have for this year?


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