Handbag confessions


Don’t you wonder what other women carry in their handbags?

Recently I replaced my beloved old Corolla and had to clear out 16 years worth of accumulated stuff before I handed it over to the nice men she was retiring with.  (That sounded dirtier than I meant and yes I know she’s not really retiring and is likely being scrapped but I’m not thinking about it).

Anyway, while I understand that not everyone accumulates the amount of what can only be described as crap in their car, everyone does carry some essentials.  At the moment (trying to keep the new car pristine) all I have in there is:

  •  my e-tag,
  • spare sunglasses
  • cable for my iphone/ipod
  • environmental shopping bags
  • blanket
  • first aid kit (actually this came with the car but I did have one alread)
  • torch
  • geocaching backpack

This all got me to wondering what people keep in their cars.  Especially after I found this cool little Victorinox “Swiss Card Classic”.  The size of a credit card it holds:

  • Letter opener
  • scissors
  • stainless steel pin
  • nail file
  • screwdriver
  • tweezers
  • toothpick
  • ballpoint pen
  • ruler

That’s pretty cool right?  Now there is the dilemma, do I keep it in my handbag or the car?

Which all led me to the topic of this post, albeit it the long way around.  What do people carry with them?  I realise this really applies to women as men only carry what fits in their pockets – phone, wallet, loose change, sometimes a hanky.  Women’s handbags on the other hand can be a veritable treasure trove of interesting finds.

In the interest of full disclosure, this is what I carry around with me as a bare minimum:

  • Purse
  • Sunglasses
  • phone
  • lipgloss
  • tissues
  • wipes (thanks to my mother)
  • notepad
  • 2 pens (always at least two in case one doesn’t work)
  • envirosac shopping bag
  • chinese lipstick case that contains my headphones, hair tie and various pills such as headache, antihistamine, migraine, buscopan
  • keys

I also usually (but not always) carry my makeup bag which is a very cool burnt orange one made by Coach.  It contains:

  • hair ties
  • lip liner
  • lipstick
  • lip brush
  • lipgloss
  • eye liner
  • mascara
  • eye drops
  • tweezers
  • mineral makeup compact
  • brush
  • mini pen
  • comb (not pictured)

So that’s my handbag confession.  Of course often I end up with a lot of other things in there, receipts, lollipops, lip balm, compacts, various other bits of makeup, tic tacs and a host of other bits and pieces.

Now it’s your turn.  What’s your confession?


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