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Ethernet woes – My DUB-E100 Install Battle

AKA – How I fixed my problem with installing my DUB-E100 USB 2.0 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet Adapter

Not the kind of post you were expecting I know but I figure that I sorted out this problem and someone out there somewhere will end up having the same issue and maybe this post will help.

I’ve been having connectivity issues on my home machine for a while.  Particularly overnight it would drop out.  The drop outs got worse.  I thought it was my internet provider as others had reported problems and I planned to wait it out. Then the problem suddenly became so bad I had to fix it because I couldn’t actually do anything.  My brother suggested it was probably my Ethernet port (I had determined it wasn’t my router and the service wasn’t really the culprit) and I could use a USB Ethernet Adapter to get around the broken port.

So off I went.  Officeworks didn’t have one but Harris Technology did.  After some tricky manouvering around one way streets in peak hour and the rain, I finally had it and went home ready to plug it in. 

This is what I got:

Plug and Play it said on the box.  What could be simpler?

Anything but this apparently.

You plug it into a USB port and the machine should recognise the software and ask for the disk it comes with to install new driver.  I was installing this on a Windows XP machine so it should have been simple.  Only it didn’t work.  Apparently the drivers weren’t on there or were corrupted (or something).  At any rate it did not install properly.

The User guide told me if I got a Red Cross or a Yellow Exclamation mark then I needed to contact D-Link Support.  Well guess what.  I had a Yellow Exlamation mark. (sorry i didn’t think to take a screen shot at the time).

To cut a long story short (which involved a lot of rebooting and install/uninstalls).  Google did not save me for once. It seems a lot of other people had the same problem but none of the fixes worked for me or they weren’t the right match.  I found the new driver on the D-Link site (which was a trial to download because it dropped out every 2Mb or so).

When the driver was finally downloaded I couldn’t get device to find it.  I tried everything.  More searching Google.  It seemed to only look at the CD drive and even though in theory you have the option to change it, it failed every time.  The wizard would not look to the internet to find the drive (isn’t that standard option/).

In the end I had enough and cheated. 

I burned the new driver I’d downloaded to a disk, swapped it out for the disk it came with. 

Uninstalled the device.  Reconnected and it went looking for the disk and Hey Presto! Fixed and it has been working like a charm every since.

Clearly there is some problem with the set up it comes with as there were lots of posts on this but I am just happy that I resolved it. 

If you’ve come here to solve this problem, I hope it helps you too (and saves you a lot of wasted time).


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