This is a pretty inspirational story that I wanted to share (it even quotes my favorite Dr Seuss book). Plus its the first time I’ve “re-blogged”. Check it out!

12 Months of Creativity

So today my inspiration does not come from a sculpture or a photograph – but from my best friend and counterpart, who for the past few years has worked hard, kept an open mind, and grown in so many incredible ways along the road…

Andrew has been working tirelessly towards his goal of becoming a flight instructor this past year… at last, today was the big day – the final check ride as it is called. From 8am to around 4pm he taught lessons, answered questions, talked about regulations, worked out scenarios and did a final flight with the chief pilot. Yes, that’s like an 8 hour final exam. Phew! And at the end of this tiring day – which comes at the end of a tiring year – he has passed and is now a Certified Flight Instructor in helicopters.

I can still remember a little over year ago…

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  1. I love it. I love the re-blog (one of my favourite ways to blog) and I also love this post, it is wildly inspiring and actually brought a mini tear to my eye. Not because I really care about helicopters, but because it was just so true – watching, or being part of someone achieving something really big is so personally inspiring. Thanks for sharing it!

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