Month in a Minute – January 2012


I’m moving this to a monthly post as sometimes (you know those busy weeks where it feels like you did nothing but work), there’s not anything too interesting to say.  This is a little later than I had planned because actual life got in the way but I’ll try and post at the end of each month.

Goals Update –

  • Tea – Yep.  I have been drinking tea pretty much everyday.  I think this is safely part of my routine now.  Yay!  I also bought a lovely new teacup.  I have a couple of favourites but I like having a collection.
  • Walking –  Nope.  I have been slackness itself and the fact that it’s raining a lot isn’t helping (which should not be an excuse).  When I was visiting my family I walked every morning with my Dad (and one day Miss 3 joined us) but I haven’t kept it up since I got back.  I need to get it started.
  • PMP Accreditation – A work in progress.  I have enrolled in an acceleration course that will help not only to prepare for the exam but also with my learning credits.  So hopefully I’ll be on track to get this certification before the middle of the year!  A kind friend also lent me the Prince2 doco so if this goes well I might do that one as well.
  • Writing Daily – Yeah not doing so well on this one.  I have done some writing but I haven’t gotten into a routine of it yet.  Partly I’ve been busy but mostly I just haven’t made the push to fit it into my daily life.  Hopefully I’ll have improved on this one by next month.
  • Adventures – This is also a work in progress.  I have some previous ones to report on and I have some things coming up.  Plus anytime I’m with the nieces and nephews it’s an adventure that’s for sure.

That’s the Goals report for the month, now on to the rest:

Loving – Half of January was vacation so obviously that’s what I loved most in January.  Enjoyed a great view with New Years, visited the family, pottered around the house, read a LOT.  Yep the thing I loved most in January was holidays.

Reading – The Red Garden by Alice Hoffman.  I love all her books.  Her prose is like reading music and the imagery she presents is so vivid.  She draws you in to such an extent that you feel like you are watching the story unfold before you very eyes.  The other thing I love is that her characters are so different.  So flawed and yet likeable.  And a little bit magic.  This book is a series of short stories about the  small town of Blackwell from it’s founding through to the present day.  Each story is set in a particular time period and tells the story of one of the residents.  Being a small town they are all interconnected and you can see the lineages as they move on through time.  I love these types of stories and I have really enjoyed reading it.  Not every story is happy.  She gives her characters quite a bit of pain and suffering (but then all pioneers must have experienced pain and suffering) but each story is unique yet connected to the whole.  This is Blackwell’s story – of the town and the people that make up the town.

Listening To – The Sheepfarmer’s Daughter by Elizabeth Moon.  Narrated by Jennifer Van Dyck.  Jennifer is one of my favourite narrators.  She’s easy to listen to and has a distinct voice for each character. I have many audiobooks that she narrates and I always enjoy them.  (well there was one exception but it wasn’t the narrator’s fault). I’m probably going to do a full review of this book and the rest of the series but I did enjoy it.

Watching – This month was all about Community.   My brother and SIL visited some friends who’d gotten them on to it and they told me I’d love it.  They played me a couple of later eps and I thought well maybe.  Truthfully I’d gone off comedies for a long time.  There’d been a lot that started but just never really had the magic.  Or they did but they were cancelled.  Until I was finally convinced to start watching Big Bang Theory, I hadn’t watched many comedy series in a while (the exception being Cougar Town but even that I had to be coaxed into).  I’d heard of Community, a show about a bunch of misfits attending Community College, but I wasn’t convinced.  I am now.  It is hilarious.  From “Troy and Abed in the Morning”, to the paintball wars, to the School Tent Fort, to Bagel, to the Zombie war, to Abed as Batman, to Senor Chang to Dean Pelton.  If you’ve seen it, you’re chuckling to yourself right now.  If you don’t know what those things are.  You need to watch you some Community.  Now.

Buying – Some years you replace things here and there and other years you find that you have to make a few larger purchases all at once.  Nothing lasts forever and you have to replace or update.  That was me this year.  Earlier in the year I’d replaced my beloved princess bed.  Over the holidays I bought a new Washing Machine and a new car.  Both items were to replace extremely old items.  I’d had my washing machine since I moved out of home.  It had a good run.  I ended up buying an Asko front loader and I am very happy with it.  Replacing my top loader with a front loader has also allowed me to build a cupboard in my tiny laundry and now my laundry is not only organised but somewhat roomier to do things.  Yes I built the cupboard myself.  Ok it was a flat pack from Bunnings but still, I was pretty impressed with myself.  Particularly because I had to put feet on it (you know laundries can flood so I didn’t want to take any chances).  It didn’t come with feet.  I bought them separately and basically made it work.  Isn’t it funny the things we are proud of.

I also, finally, after years of driving around in an increasingly cruddy car bought a new one.  Again I’d had the old only about 17 years and I really got my money’s worth out of it.  One of my work colleagues has spent the last several years teasing me about the car and asking when I’m going to update it.  Well I did.  The new one (which funnily enough is the same colour as the old one) is pretty fancy pants.  Mind you most of the things I find exciting in it are reasonably standard now.  Cruise Control.  Oh how I love you!  My niece was extremely taken with the sunroof (“there’s a window in the ceiling!”) and the Navigation (“your car talks to you!”).  I love them also.  I love being able to take and make  calls without pulling out my phone.  It’s just cool.  I can’t decide if I want to call her Miss Daisy or Ruby.  I like ruby but I have a chair called Ruby.  Hmmmmmm.

Planning – I’ve done absolutely nothing about organising my travel this year so I really need to get on to that.  A lovely friend has sent me an article about Seoul and she’ll give me some more pointers.  I’m also planning what adventures I want to undertake this year.  Though the best adventures are the spontaneous ones.

Looking forward to – It’s quite a busy month really.  Spending time with the family – and working at the same time.  I’m looking forward to taking the car on her first long trip, it will be quite different from the last trip with no air conditioning!  Plus now I have cruise control!  I’m also looking forward to taking my niece to Angelina Ballerina, my sister’s not-a-baby-shower Afternoon Tea, a friend of mine having a baby.  Of course there’s work in between.


3 thoughts on “Month in a Minute – January 2012

  1. I absolutely love Alice Hoffman too! I find that her writing style is so relaxed but thoroughly good. A great attention to detail, characters and plot but you barely notice all that has been contrived. I particularly love the realism mixed with fantasy so seamlessly.

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