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The Fun of Joining In

I have a confession. I’m not a huge joiner. Oh I have fun with the best of them but put me in a group and you’ll find me hanging at the edges watching the fun. Or left of centre, telling stories about other people. Not that I’m a complete wallflower. I’m first on a dance floor and often laughing the loudest (yep I’m that girl).

But I’m not often the centre of attention and frankly when I am I’m never quite sure what to do with myself. I’m not brilliant at team sports or been the type of person who will do something just because everyone else is.

So I find myself interestingly lured this week to follow suit and join in on a few things.

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the things I enjoy about blogging is finding other bloggers. Sometimes its just one post that catches my eye. Othertimes I could read everything they’ve written and I sign up to follow their posts. I learn new things, get different perspectives, see how other people live and what is important to them. I find it interesting as a person and a writer.

Just this week I have found several “challenges” on various blogs and find myself keen to sign up. Perhaps this level of joining works for me because I can do it as I choose and no one is watching me do it. I’m sure I could analyse this for ages (and probably just come up with the explanation that I am just a big old chicken) but it’s more interesting to see what things have captured my attention:

  • Starting with the one I found first. I found this blog when it was “Freshly Pressed” on WordPress. This guy finds random strangers every single day and takes their photo and tells a story about them. His name is Richard Radstone. He goes up to complete strangers and has a chat. I find this quite amazing and the stories are always so interesting. Of course he has a lot to do with that in the telling of the tale. Now while I have no intention of hijacking a stranger everyday, he has issued one challenge that I want to join in on. It’s called the Where do we Live Reachout. It’s basically people submitting in a photo they have taken of something within 3 miles of where they live. Easy for me given I live close to one of the world’s most beautiful harbours but I can’t wait to see small glimpses of other people’s lives, of the world they live in.
  • I’ve been a Twitter Follower of Amanda Fuller for some time and I can’t even remember how it was that I came to follow her feed but recently I started reading her blog. One thing stood out for me. A project she called Project 52. She comes up with a list of at least 52 little projects for the year (usually more so she has some freedom to choose) and then makes sure that each week she does one of them. Examples are things like Make a Dessert, Go to the Park, Learn Something New. Actually some of her list I could do without any trouble – others would be more of a challenge. She has challenged others to join in and so I have decided I will. Of course there’s not 52 weeks left in this year but who cares. Better late than never! Now I just need to come up with my list…..

    Ok so this is actually for a carnival somewhere in Cornwall but they all look like they are having fun. Right?

  • This one is a very new find and again compliments of Amanda. Chantelle (aka FatMumSlim) does a monthly photo challenge where you take a pic a day and post it. She posts a list of “themes” for each day of the month and you take a pic along those lines. I love this kind of thing. I did a mini challenge just for myself when I first joined Instagram – when I took a pic every day for a month. No theme though. I realise the month has already started but I’m going to give it a go! The Hashtag for Twitter and Instagram will be #Febphotoaday. Feel free to join me, the more the merrier!
  • My final one is not a specific challenge but more a blog that has frequent challenges. Fox In Flats is a really fun blog and one I enjoy despite it being more aimed at Mums (which I am not). She issues frequent glam dares (not challenges DARES) such as the Scarf Dare, Wear a Dress a Day Dare, Wear Red lipstick Dare and the recent Hair Dare (ie a different style every day). They are fun little challenges. I like the Hair dare one in particular and I might actually try it even though the dare is over.

So this is me joining in. Come along for the ride!


5 thoughts on “The Fun of Joining In

  1. I absolutely love this Shaggy! I’ve been a fan of the daily photo thing on Instagram for the last couple of months and I love seeing what everyone posts – despite my lack of commitment to joining in myself. I can’t wait to see what you put up there. And I absolutely adore the Fox in Flats dares – thanks for sharing that one!

    • You should join in Gen. It’s fun! Yesterday was such a challenge because the theme was SUN and it was cloudy here. It’s so interesting to see the interpretation people put on it. The button one had ALL kinds of buttons. Clothes, computers, remotes. one person even had their kids nose.

      and Yes Fox in Flats is awesome right?

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