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What Makes You Happy?


So recently I posted about some of the new things I’ll be doing included undertaking a Photo of the Day Challenge.  Though I started late, I am really enjoying this challenge  (am still sorry I missed the 10am theme).  Some of my entries have included:

#Day 7 – Buttons

#Day8 – Sun (a particular challenge on a pretty bleak day)

#Day 9 – Front door

#Day 10 – Self Portrait

Ok so I totally cheated on that one.  Gen took this pic while we were cruising around in my car like princess with the sunroof open.  But fun right?

Yesterday’s challenge was one of the most interesting. The theme was “Makes you Happy”.  I couldn’t wait to see what everyone put up.  For me the big challenge was not what to include but what NOT to include.  There’s a lot of things that make me happy.  I could have included my entire family.  Or all my favourite books.  My iPad.  My new car, Ruby my reading chair or even Sydney Harbour.    And then there’s the obvious – Food.  I was tempted to use this one, because honestly this really made me happy.

Looking at other people’s submissions there was a clear theme:  people and pets.  Over 90% of the pics were of loved ones and people’s pets.  There were some other things too.  Books (reading), coffee, food was popular, hobbies such as sport and even a few of ballet, music.  These are all great things (and some of them would be on my list too) but overwhelmingly it is the people and pets in our lives that make us happy.

I love that.  How great it is that we recognise what really makes us happy are not the things that we accumulate but the ones we share it with.

So here’s my entry.  There’s a touch of things I like, people and pets.  I’d have loved to include my other niece, my nephew, my bestie, my family but you can only include some much and I was limited to what was on my phone at the time.  I hope you like it!


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