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Happy Redheads Day

Today, all around the world thousands of couples are glamming up for romantic dinners, sending and receiving millions of red roses, exchanging cards, getting engaged.  The cynic in me can’t understand why anyone would want to get engaged on the same day as pretty much half the world and I prefer romantic gestures that are spontaneous or unexpected rather than obligatory.  Still, I’m not above admitting I wouldn’t be sending back any flowers sent my way.

On this day of love, red is the colour du jour.  Red flowers, red cards, red lingerie.  Why not red hair?

Any search on redhead hotties bring results topped by the likes of Christina Hendricks, Julianne Moore and Isla Fischer.  If you do a search even for Redhead men you still get mostly pictures of redheaded women.  For some reason redheaded men are not as popular whereas redhead women are.   As a redhead myself and Aunt to a gorgeous readheaded nephew, I have a soft spot for the gingers of the world. 

So, in my own little Valentines spin I’ve decided to present a list of Redheaded hotties.  I hope you enjoy:

Damien Lewis


Paul Bettany


Rupert Grint


The Phelps Twins - aka Fred & George


Alan Tudyk


Chris Martin


3 thoughts on “Happy Redheads Day

  1. Hi Shaggygirl,

    Firstly, thanks for the idea of a day for us gingers.

    As one, I have to say that female gingers are infinitely more attractive the male equivalent. Regardless, you need to know that the Phelps twins aren’t gingers – my wife and I took our daughters to the opening day of the Harry Potter exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. The Weasley twins (actors) were there and they were definitely not gingers.

    In fact there was an interview very early on (on one of the Harry Potter DVDs) when the Phelps boys couldn’t convince their classmates that they had won roles in Harry Potter. The thing that changed their classmates’ minds was when they turned up as redheads, because why else would they choose to become ginger?

    I kind of still resent that statement, but not so much since I consider the HP movies the best series ever.


  2. Just wanted to add that I’m a woman who loves gingers!! I’ve been able to find loads of tumblrs devoted to them, although they are not exactly g rated. Some of the guys I’ve seen on there are truly Gods. Beautiful creatures are the redheaded men!! **drools

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