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Project 52 – Playing Catchup


Yesterday’s post was starting off Project 52 and posting my (currently incomplete) list.  Given that it’s already Week 7 I am way behind so I need to play catchup.  Happily I’ve taken this into consideration in the list.  So here’s my catch up (I may have done these at times other than the week nominated but I’m sure no one cares):

Week 1 – Read a Book by an Author You Haven’t Read Before.  I’m a regular reader of Joe Mallozzi’s blog and he is a big fan of Marjorie M Liu.  I hadn’t heard of her before but she’s a bit of a big deal in the Comic Book (or Graphic Novel) world.  Plus the geek boys love her because she’s cute and she writes comic books.  So I decided to try one of her books.  I think I first read a Short Story in an Anthology.  I was pretty hooked.  She has a series called Dirk and Steele about a Detective Agency full of people with special abilities (what’s not to love).  Throw in some Shape Shifters and a few steamy love scenes and you have a hit.  Some of the romancey stuff was a bit romancey for cynical me (and the covers are cringe-worthy) but I did enjoy them.  Plus I particularly enjoyed the diversity of characters, many of whom I’ve certainly never encountered before – a Shapeshifting Cheetah (also my favourite big cat), shapeshifting Dragons and even Gargoyles.  Seriously!  They won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I burned my way through the whole series while I was on holidays.

Week 2 – Find a new Manicure Salon.  I changed this one from have  a manicure as I already get my nails done regularly.  Still after 10 years I decided to find a new salon as all the girls I knew had left the old one and I had changed my work location so the previous one was no longer convenient.  After a couple of false starts I went to one within walking distance to my house.  I’m pretty fussy about my nails but I was really happy with the job they did.  I’ll be going back.  I won’t be changing the colour though.  I’ve had the same colour for years because it suits me and I like it.  And it matches my car (I’m not kidding).

Week 3 – Catch Up with an Old Friend.  I threw a Baby Afternoon Tea (rather than a formal shower) for my very pregnant sister.  During the lovely afternoon I had the chance to catch up with a very old friend whom I’ve known since we were teenagers (she now has a 16 year old daughter – where did the time go).  We haven’t seen each other for over two years.  I know this because last time we caught up she was pregnant and now her baby is 2.  So we got to sit together and in fine form she kept me in stitches the whole time.  It was great to catch up and there is a particular fun in chatting with someone who has not only known you through the worst hair stages but also has the same sense of humour.  I should do it more often.

Week 4 – See an Exhibition.  Also while visiting my family, my mother and I went to see the Renaissance Art Exhibit at the National Gallery of Australia.  I’ve done a separate post on it here so I wont repeat myself but that’s another one off the list!

Week 5 -Spend a Special Day with a Child.  Often when I go to visit my family , Miss 3 (soon to be Miss 4) and I have a “Shaggy Day”.  This entails an outing, just the two of us doing something fun.  Well fun for a 3 year old.  This time the outing wasn’t with one child but two.  I already had Miss 3 and we collected (in the fancy new car) Master 2 for a fun-filled outing to a local kids playground.

They were so cute and extremely pleased with themselves to be together in the back of the car.  They kept making me open the Sunroof and saying “Whee!” as we went up the ramp.  Naturally as soon as we go to the playground they sped off in two different directions and I was trying to juggle all the stuff and keep an eye on both of them.  Fortunately after a while they decided to hang out together.

We had a great time and finally made it back for nap time.  I think I was more exhauste than them.  If I learned one thing that day:  If you are wrangling two kids you definitely needs your hands free.  I’m not sure how my mother ever did it.  I also understand the temptation of some parents to put their kids on a lead like a dog.  Still, we all had a great time and the kids really enjoyed “Shaggy day”.  I think there will be more of these outings in the future.  I’ll just make sure I’m better prepared next time.

Week  6 – Participate in a fun new Challenge – now I know what you are thinking.  You are thinking this is a cop-out and I’m counting this challenge.  Bazinga!  You could not be more wrong!  My choice for this Task is Participating in the #febphotoaday challenge run by @fatmumslim.  I participate on Instagram though I often also post my entries to both Twitter and Facebook.  I’m loving this challenge, coming up with an interpretation of the theme for the day, seeing how other people interpret it.  I suspect I’ll be trying to participate every month from now on.  Since I started, I haven’t missed a day!  (let’s see how long that lasts).

Week 7 – Buy Something for yourself Just Because – This week at Target Stores all over the country was the release of the long anticipated Von Follies lingerie collection by Dita Von Tease.  I’ll admit Target would not have been the store that came mind for a lingerie collection by the lovely Dita but she’s also a practical business woman so clearly it was the right deal for her.  I love nice lingerie and I really like her style so off to Target I went and am now the proud owner of several Dita pieces.  I didn’t need them.  I bought them Just Because.


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