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Shipwrecked with the Smurfs – version 1.1.7

Ok so technically they aren’t shipwrecked but there IS an island involved (and a ship).  If you aren’t a Smurf Village fan, turn away now (though seriously you are missing out on some fun).

 This week Beeline released one of their biggest updates to the very popular Smurf Village game.  My love for this game is well known though I have to confess that it did wane for a while there.  I currently have 4 games going across two devices (iPhone and iPad) which is a lot to keep up with.  Once I’d managed to get the new land expansion that came with the previous update across all the games, I let them lapse a bit.

This new release has dragged me right back again and I suspect I am not the only one.   The following are things I have discovered and other general observations.

The Rain – Now that the snow is melted, the village comes alive as a vibrant green.  The Xmas decorations are put away for another year (though happily the pine trees stay) and the beach is again visible.  A very cool effect is that instead of snow, you get rain.  With Sound effects.  I love rain so this little bonus works for me.

Upgrade to Nat Smurfling – For those who like to have a lot of flower boxes, you can now upgrade Nat Smurfling to Plant All and Harvest All.

Dreamy Smurf – Dreamy is the captain of the ship.  Not to sure about his name.  Why wasn’t he Captain Smurf.  The other newcomer (see below) seems to be more appropriate as Dreamy but there’s no changing it now.  Dreamy is found in the usual fashion, wandering apparently lost – which it seems he does a lot.  Get lost that is. 

The Boat – Sorry Brainy, “The Ship”.  Upon upgrading you find that there is suddenly a pier that the Smurf Fairies built while you weren’t looking.  After a couple of tasks from Papa Smurf you find Dreamy Smurf then the S.S. Smurf II appears.   There’s no record of what happened to the S.S. Smurf I, but I suspect Dreamy sank it somewhere along the way.  They just don’t like to talk about it.  You have to send the boat out a couple of times before the island is “discovered”.  You dont’ get to see where it goes before the discovery and given they find nothing, you don’t care.  To access the ship you have to touch it on the bow near the end of the pier.  It doesn’t seem to be that touchy on the Island end but if you are having issues getting it moving to start with, try that.

The boat trip is quite cool.  It clangs it’s bell as it leaves sets sail and then before you know it, it’s “travelling”.  The sails billow and you are zipping along at a rate of knots.  Then the sails are pulled in and you cruise into shore.  Where you discover:

The Island – The Island is cool.  It’s not very big, I can see space issues very quickly, though from screenshots I’ve seen you must be able to expand at some point.  You seem to be able to build as many houses as you have money for without being restricted by the level.  I’m not sure if this is because you have to be quite levelled up to get there or not but it does make for some quick action on the island.  The same goes for the crops.  You can plant as many fields as you have houses for (as usual) but as there are no limits (so far that I have found) on houses, you can have lots of crops.  The full list of crops are not available on the island (maybe corn doesn’t like the tropics?) but there are some new items such as Honeydew and Eggplant (both of which I dislike in real life).  One slightly annoying thing is that you can’t Plant All so all crop plantings and harvestings are one at a time (how old school). Just note that you have to be on level 19 or above to get to the island.

Decorations –  There are also a lot of new decorations available including Bamboo fences, wooden slat seats, hammocks, beach balls, hopscotch outlines and new plants.  As with most of the game, some things are only available using Smurfberries.  I’m a bit surprised they didn’t include the original deck chairs as well as the new wooden ones.

Papa Smurf – Seriously all this old dude does is wanders around like an Italian Grandfather.  Other than directing the other Smurfs to perform tasks or grow particular crops, wandering is his main function.  Now that there’s an Island, he has two places to wander.  On of the fun things I do enjoy with the update is watching he and Brainy sprint to the boat when it’s leaving.  Papa has never moved so fast.  Maybe there are snacks on board!

Brainy Smurf – Another one who wanders around telling others what to do.  I find Brainy annoying – especially when he tells me I can’t place an item somewhere (duh) or my crops have whithered (double duh).  Honestly, Brainy would never be able to grow anything as it requires you know, attention. Anyhoo the most annoying smurf in the bunch is gifted with his very own beach house.  Well not so much gifted as you have to get the other Smurfs to build it.  While Brainy’s house is nice, you dont seem to be able to upgrade it or do anything with it.  Also, Papa Smurf says Brainy can stay and watch things while he’s back on the mainland but he never does. 

The Raft House – One of the first tasks Papa gives you is to place the Raft house. Once built you have a raft that you can send Smurf off to have adventures on.  I assume this is the beach equivalent of sending them into the forest but more fun. One of the big differences is that they can actually come back with gifts.  It appears the first time you send one out they come back with a Smurfberry (yay!) but after that the odds are determined by whichever mission you’ve sent your Smurf on. The hut can be upgraded initially for Gold and later for Smurfberries.  The more you upgrade, the more rafts you have.

Slouchy Smurf – Slouchy is new and discovered apparently clinging to the bottom of a raft.  I’m not sure why HE’s not called Dreamy but nevermind.  He will also give you tasks to perform and you can build him a tiny little mushroom house, where I assume he can slouch in peace.

Visiting Friends Islands – You can also visit the Islands of any Friends you have on Smurf Village.  Overall this function seems to be working better which is a relief.  To visit the island of a friend, their ship must be docked and you access it the same way you do for your own, if their ship is not there, you cannot visit.  Of course their ship arrives instantaneously unlike your own.  They must have some sort of future craft.  Maybe Marco can steal the plans for you.

Other Characters – There are a couple of new characters that I have’t met yet.  Sasette, who doesn’t look anywhere as cool as her name if the screen shot I’ve seen is right.   There is also Marina the Mermaid who is rumoured to have been seeing TimberSmurf for some time.  Sneaky pair!  Though where they met is a mystery.  Yes, finally Nymphette….sorry Smurfette has some competition.  I do notice they are keeping the other girls on the island, well away so Smurfette can remain Queen of the original village.

I’ve really enjoyed this upgrade, it’s taken it in a different direction and kept it fresh which is important in a game like this.  At this stage, the only Smurfs who get to see the Island are Papa and Brainy (which is pretty Greedy of them really) but who knows if that will change in the future.  Of course, now having two locations across 4 games is a lot to keep up with.  I think some of my villages are likely to get neglected.

Playing your own game?  Tell me what you think of the update!


7 thoughts on “Shipwrecked with the Smurfs – version 1.1.7

  1. I’m enjoying the upgrade but it’s still a bit buggy for me. Dreamy smurf can’t seem to recognize that I’ve sent not 1, not 2, but 4 boats out for 24 hours for him, but they come back, and the challenge isn’t cleared. Very strange.

    Sassette is pretty cool. She acts like Smurfette, but you get 40XP from every smurf in her vicinity rather than 15.

    • Hi Lisa

      Reaching their island will depend on the level they are and if they have reached the island. If they have, you can get to theirs by touching the boat in the same way you do with your own, at the end of the pier near the bow. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries. I find there are some boats that just don’t I am not sure why.

  2. I really don’t get the ss smurf the first time I saw him&the ship the ship moved and it took ny straight the other island first time, but know ss smurfs never their and the boat wont move he keeps appiring every so often and theirs a yellow arrow and eleclamation mark above him, but still the boat won’t move, any help please?

  3. At level 23, Dreamy asked me to send out 5 smurfs for a few days, which I did. Before they came back however, Dreamy acted as if nothing happened and started asking me to plant honewdew for his submarine (again – can’t remember how many times it’s been now). I kept doing what he asked me to, but so far there’s no indication that he remembered about those 5 smurfs. Did I just lose my 5 smurfs…?

    This game would be great if only there’s not as much annoying bugs..

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