Month in a Minute – February 2012


It’s the end of the month already and even having a bonus day doesn’t seem to have helped.  So here’s what my month looked like:

Goals Update –

  • Tea – I’ve been a little spotty witht this I have to confess.  Partly it’s due to the muggy heat we’ve had.  Room for Improvement.
  • Walking –  So…. I still haven’t done this consistently. I have done some when working at home but I’ve been busy and you know how it goes.  However I have started back at the gym so it’s not a total loss.
  • PMP Accreditation – I’m studying for this, my first class is next week.  Making a little progress.
  • Writing Daily – No improvement.  Well not entirely true.  I haven’t been working on my book but I have been blogging consistently so that is something.  Plus I had a great idea for the book that is really going to step it up.  I’m definitely working on that.
  • Adventures – I have had some adventures and you’ll get to hear about those.  Am keeping my mind open to try new things.  Plus some of the challenges I’ve started definitely qualify.

That’s the Goals report for the month, now on to the rest:

Loving – The new challenges I’ve undertaken.  The #photoaday challenge by @fatmumslim has been so much fun coming up with interesting ways to show whatever the theme is for that day.  Project 52 is proving more of a challenge which I guess is appropriate.  I’m also loving Zumba.  It’s jolly exhausting but such a fun way to exercise.  It’s great incentive for this girl who hates cardio.

I’m also loving the spike in traffic from my Smurf  Village post.  It always amuses me that anything Smurf related is the most popular thing on my blog.

Reading – Cocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood.  I love the Phryne Fisher mysteries and Australian Greenwood is one of my favourite authors.  With the new ABC series Miss Fisher Mysteries (I’m not sure sure about that name) I was compelled to start reading them again.  The show isn’t a bad adaptation but nothing is ever exactly how you see it.  I’ll continue to watch though.

Listening To – The Stephanie Plum series.  Again inspired by the movie I started listening again to the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich voiced by the incomparable Lorelei King.  Evanovich and King are a perfect match.  It’s just a shame the early books are abbridged (I’ve never understood why), they are also hard to come by I found when I had to replace mine.

Watching – Ive been catching up on a few movies I missed.  All About Steve is a couple of years old but was pretty fun.  I can see why some people wouldn’t like Sandra Bullock in it but her character was supposed to be annoying.  It was fun to see some familiar faces in the supporting cast including Katy Mixon who plays the drug addled Victoria on Mike & Molly as well as Ken Jeong now best known as Senior Chang on Community.

I also watched SuckerPunch.  It was a strange slightly trippy film with not quite a happy ending.  I did enjoy it though.  I’m still undecided if it’s brilliant of just an excuse for blokes to watch lovely young things wander around in skimpy outfits toting guns.  Maybe a bit of both.  I did enjoy Carla Gugino’s outfits, she was just cool.  I also enjoyed the “fantasy” scenes which strayed away from the predictable and ultimately involved Steampunk, some of the best Dragons I’ve ever seen and futuristic cyborgs. It was pretty cool.  I did feel sorry for the Dragons though.

Buying – I’m trying not to buy things but nothing ever goes according to plan.  I had to replace my iPhone after dropping it right into a foot spa (so stupid) and I also had to replace my faulty modem.  It never ends.  Oh and Dita von Tease released some lovely lingerie at Target….. what’s a girl to do?

Planning – Well my travel plans have changed – no NY or Seoul for me this year but there is still NZ and I’ve started thinking about that.  Plus I spend a lot of time planning the photos I’m going to take each day for the #photoaday challenge.

Looking forward to – This is a busy month in a non fun sense (work, study etc) but I am looking forward to hanging out with my sister when I stay with her later in the month.  I’m also looking forward to seeing where some of these challenges take me.  Oh and I turn a year old this month.  Looking forward to that (not really).


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