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PhotoADay Challenge – Feb 2012

This month I started the #PhotoADay challenge which was started by @fatmumslim.  Each month thousands of people across the globe get the list and take photos of whatever that days theme was.  Here is February’s list:

You can submit your photos via Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram but I’ve found Instagram the best place to do it.  The pictures are easily located via a tag and you can see not only your own in one place but everyone else’s too.

My favourite thing about the challenge is seeing the huge number of ways that people interpret each “theme” into this visual medium.  For example, the first day I started the theme was “button”.  My first thought was buttons on clothing.  However, when I started to look at the pics there were ALL kinds of buttons.  Clothing, computers, keyboards, phones etc.  I hadn’t even thought of some of the ones that people put up.  Talk about making you look at things differently.  And really, isn’t that what a good challenge is all about?

So, in case you missed them, here are my Feb photos of the day.

Day 7 – Button– I started on Day 7 and after realising I shouldn’t be so literal, I wandered around my parents house (where I was staying at the time) to find something fun.  In the end it was my very old iPod that caught my eye.

Day 8 – Sun- This was inded a challege as there was no sun to be seen that day.

Day 9 – Front Door – Originally I took a pic of my niece peek out the door but this one actually worked better I thought.  Black cat against the white door. One of my favourite themes.   There were a couple of cool red doors.  I always wanted a red door.

Day 10 – Self Portrait – Confession:  I didn’t actually take this pic.  Gen and I were cruising around in the car with the sunroof open wearing tiaras like the princesses we are.  It was a fun moment and seemed like an appropriate pic to use.

Day 11 – Makes you Happy – A few things that make me happy.  My favourite flowers.  Margarita – my favourite drink. My lovely cat, Boston and representing all nieces and nephew.  I included this shot of her because its a cheeky happy one. I also enjoyed seeing that what most people happy was their loved ones not things.

Day 12 – Inside Your closet – The day before I’d discovered an app that lets you put more than one pic in the frame so I decided to do a bit of a montage of my wardrobe especially my shoe collection (of which this is only part).  I liked the warm light tones.

Day 13 – Blue – Running short of time, inspiration came from my book case.  I live in hope that the Doctor will come to visit.  I’m still waiting.

Day 14 – Heart – Taken from a cute book called “BeHappy” . I think it’s excellent advice.

Day 15 – Phone – I took this shot in one of Sydney’s old theatres.  I like something a little different.

Day 16 – Something New –  I was was as a little stumped on this one as I hadn’t bought anything new for a while.  Though as it turns out that day I’d gone to Target and picked up one of the new bras by Dita Von Tease.  I really like her style and are limited editions.  What’s a girl to do?

Day 17 – Time –  The cool clock in my foyer.

Day 18 – Drink – Some days it’s hard to even think of something to use for your pic and some days there’s a plethora of options.  Today was one of those days.  This is my favourite drink as well as a bottle of wine I find most amusing. Salute!

Day 19 – Something You Hate to Do – Washing up.  Doesn’t everyone hate this? This is my attempt to make a boring thing seem interesting.  I’m not sure I succeeded.

Day 20 – Handwriting – Nothing much to say about this one.  It speaks for itself.

Day 21 – a Fave Photo of You – Another day I couldn’t pick just one.  There are not many pics I like of myself but these two are faves.  I love the cheekiness of the one of me little.  I love how spontaneous the one of my sister is.  I stepped in a hole and we were laughing about it.  The best pics are always unexpected and unposed.

Day 22  Where you Work – A corner of my messy home office.  I love the big red S and my cool lamp. I also enjoyed seeing the put up by others.  Especially the home offices.

Day 23 – Your Shoes – not the ones I wore that day but one of my favourite pairs.  This was a fun day to see what people put up.  Lots of coloured sneakers and thongs.

Day 24 – Inside Your Bathroom Cabinet – Hmmm I may have a problem here.  There’s a lot of product in my bathroom.

Day 25 – Green – At first this was hard as I dont have a lot of green in my house.  Then I remembered the bright green cover of this one of my favourite authors Kerry Greenwood. Her stories and characters are sumptuous.

Day 26 – Night –  This is one that I actually missed.  I had it lined up but forgot to post it.  I put it up on the last day instead.

Day 27 – Something You Ate – When I was in Hong Kong the team I was working with went to see the new Harry Potter (Deathly Hallows Part 1) at the IMAX there (where they had Chocolate Popcorn!!) and then off to Aqua for an amazing meal.  The view over the harbour was spectacular and the food was delicious.  One of the best nights ever.

Day 28 – Money –  I was going to use some of my foreign currency but then I remembered this rare Australian five dollar coin which I’ve managed to hold onto even through the temptation of being completely broke.

Day 29 – Something You’re Listening To – After seeing the movie One for the Money, I was inspired to re-listen to the whole Stephanie Plum series which is narrated by my favourite Lorelei King.  That’s how Stephanie sounds.


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