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Project 52 – Your Turn to Weigh In

So Project 52 is tracking pretty well though more challenging than some of the other little challenges I’ve taken on.  Now, dear reader, I need YOUR help.

One of my tasks (in fact it’s task number 1) is:

1. Find A New Music Artist To Love

The truth is – I  need help!  I freely admit I dont keep up with the music scene.  I loathe commercial radio so I rely on friends, family and random strangers to introduce me to new artists.  Recently not a lot has come my way.

Then I realised this blog is an excellent way to get recommendations

Just to help you along, my last favourite was Adele (love her!!! what a voice.  I think Rolling in the Deep might be on my list of favourite songs ever).  My taste is pretty ecclectic is love everything from 80’s (seriously there is nothing better to dance to, TFF is probably my favourite band ever) to the Beatles to Metallica and a range in between.  I confess I was a huge Spice Girls fan.  I hate Rap and Country. I do love things slightly off the wall.

So…… make me some recommendations!  Who will be my next artist to love?


2 thoughts on “Project 52 – Your Turn to Weigh In

  1. I’m rubbish at recommending movies/music/etc because I have pretty eclectic taste myself but here goes for a couple of my favourites (I love Adele and the 80s too, BTW)…

    Do you know Idina Menzel? She was the original Elphaba in Wicked and Maureen in Rent but she also does solo stuff – her latest album is called ‘I Stand’.

    Or how about recent Angie Hart (remember Frente)? Her most recent album was ‘Eat My Shadow’ and before that was ‘Grounded Bird’. My favourite song of hers is ‘I’m Afraid of Fridays’ and she also does a beautiful rendition of ‘Little Bridges’ with Bonnie “Prince” Billy.

    Or maybe something pop-operish – I’m a massive sucker for Josh Groban. My favourite album of his is his self-titled one from back in 2001.

    And if none of those work for you or you’ve heard them all, why not a random classical composer you’ve never listened to before? I’m partial to a bit of Vivaldi myself…

    Good luck 🙂

  2. My musical suggestions for your listening pleasure:
    Lanie Lane… she’s a little bit indie with a country twist.
    Foster the People.
    The Jezabels.
    Bright Eyes has a new album, I’ve only heard one song from it but I’m liking it so far.
    I think both Angus & Julia Stone also have solo albums either out now or on the way. Beautiful music, and as an added bonus he’s also completely gorgeous. If you can’t get their new stuff, definitely check out their last album – Down the Way, one of my all time faves.
    Gotye of course.
    Bon Iver of course.
    And I’m also loving Incubus’s latest offering – If Not Now, When.
    Florence & The Machine’s latest album is also worth a listen.
    And finally, the delectable Matt Corby.

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