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Project 52 – Week 12 – Hair Dare

I had grand plans this week.  I was helping my very pregnant sister and as she’s one of those girls who always looks good and put together (she would argue that but it’s true), what a great time to do the Hair Dare.  This is a dare set up by Fox in Flats – A different hairstyle every day.   You can read more about Fox and her fun fashion dares here and to see some of the styles her followers used have a look here.

21. Do the Hair Dare

Of course, as with many things in life, it didn’t go quite as planned.  We were busy and rushed (2 year olds are a LOT of work, fun yes, but a lot of work) and frankly my hair just didn’t co-operate.  I had great plans of photos of my hair etc but it pretty much didn’t happen.  (Well there are couple of dodgy ones but we won’t discuss that).  Ironcially the best hair style I ended up with was an accident after the week ended – but isn’t that always the way.

At least I did try a few things.  Pigtails (I like them, they don’t pull on my neck and keep the back of your head nice and cool).  Half styles.  There was teasing and hairspray involved.  I even did a high ponytail which I dont normally do due to the weight of my hair (gives me a headache).

Here’s what I learned.  Doing good hair takes practice.  There is effort involved to have a good look each day, it just depends on whether you are prepared to make that effort.  I learned what works for me (messy buns are cute and easy to wear – they don’t pull on my head if done right) – but they are not the best style for me (I look a bit school marmish).  Still I enjoyed the challenge of doing and I’ll probably still wear them at home.  I liked the half up half down styles.  Oh and I have to get my bestie to teach me how to do curls with my GHD.

I also discovered that YouTube is a veritable gold mine of resources for both hair and makeup.  Want to learn how to do a messy bun?  YouTube has several different styles you can do:

You can even learn how to do Katniss Everdeens braids if you are a Hunger Games fan.

I also found some great Blogs who teach various hairstyles:

Have a favourite site or blog that covers great hairstyles?  Let me know and I’ll add it to the list!  (I’ll do a separate makeup one later).

So that was my task for the week.  Let’s see how the list is looking:

1. Find A New Music Artist To Love
2. Read A Book By An Author You Haven’t Read Before
3. Have a Body Scrub
4. Do Something Spontaneous
5. Get a Manicure
6. Have A Massage
7. Get Your Hair Done
8. Subscribe to a new podcast
9. Catch Up with an Old Friend
10. Take a class
11. Participate in a fun new challenge
12. Buy A Random Gift For Someone You Love
13. Go On A Picnic
14. Go For A Photo Walk
15. Go To The Beach And Eat Ice Cream
16. Try A New Restaurant
17. Watch A Movie At The Cinema
18. Make A Dessert
19. Bake A New Dish
20. Take A Day Trip To A New Place
21. Do the Hair Dare
22. Do Something Spontaneous
23. Try A New Food
24. Do Something Relaxing
25. Write A Note To Someone Special
26. Do a Craft
27. Do Something You Have Never Done Before
28. See An Exhibition
29. Play A Game
30. Go To The Park
32. Take Someone To Lunch
33. Participate In A Snail Mail Swap
34. Evaluate Your Yearly Goals
35. Lay Out Under The Stars 
36. Buy A New Item Of Clothing
37. Find A Festival To Celebrate In Sydney
39. Learn Something New
40. Watch An Animated Movie With A Child
41. Organise Your Wardrobe
42. Buy Something For Yourself Just Because
43. Put On Some Music And Dance
44. Write An End-Of-Year Highlights List
45. Watch Your Favourite Movie
46. See A Show
47. Do Something You Have Always Wanted To
48. Declutter A Room In Your House
49. Spend A Special Day With A Child
50. Celebrate
51. Wear a different pair of shoes everyday for a week
52. Watch an Artsy Film at a local theatre
53. Have a pedicure with a friend followed by Champagne
55. Write A New Project 52 List


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