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I’m not exactly sure how it’s happened but my life seems to have become an explosion of activity.  Don’t get me wrong, I like to be busy.  I do well being busy but somehow I’ve moved beyond busy into a whole other sphere.

Work has become crazy busy – not helped by two team members taking leave and another ending up in hospital at the same time as I was staying with my family helping my extremely pregnant sister with her two year old  and her dogs while their bathroom is being rennovated.  I thought once I was home and people were back it would calm down.  Nope!  That’s ok, I’m going to exact my revenge by tripping off on an unexpected holiday! (No I’m not saying where, that’ll be for another post).

Originally the only exciting things happening in April were the release of the Sydney Writers Festival (which is in May, schedule is out on Saturday!) and the birth of my new niece or nephew.  That’s changed with my upcoming trip as well as another trip home earlier than expected.

So many things I’d planned to do have fallen by the wayside – including a bunch of half-written or half-imagined posts.  I’ll post them eventually,  just not when I’d planned to.

Some of the fun tasks I have to do in the next few days:

  • Buy Haighs chocolates – they do these awesome hot cross bun ones but you can only get them at Easter and my sister LOVES them, so I’ve been sent on a mission
  • Buy coffee for other people – hmmmmmm I’m sensing a pattern here
  • Get a Visa
  • Book flights etc
  • Organise to get a bag from my Bestie
  • Work out what to pack – or rather what NOT to pack!!!!!!
  • Go to the Bank
  • Go and see the Harry Potter exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum – ok this isn’t strictly necessary but I really wanted to see it and it’s finishing after Easter.
  • Book the cat in
  • Beg my mother to look after more plants
  • Get a haircut
  • Get my nails done
  • Drive back down to see my family and actually do work
  • Get the car cleaned
  • Apply for my PMP exam
  • Work, work, work

I realise that people have worse problems than having a lot to do because you are taking a sudden trip.  I’m not complaining (maybe only a little).  It’s jus surprising how quickly things ramp up with one decision.  I love spontaneous things and a fun trip is the best spontaneous thing to do!

So that’s my busy life.  I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings!


One thought on “Busy

  1. There is nothing more fun than an unexpected trip – you will have the best time! And I will find a way to get the backpack to you before you go… 🙂

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